Screenshot of Ekaterina's social media.

  Chinanews client, Beijing, August 2nd (Xing Rui) Ekaterina Alexandrovsky, this is a very strange name to many people. If it weren't for the death of falling from a building at the age of 20, perhaps sports fans could witness the rise of a rising figure skating star at the Beijing Winter Olympics two years later. However, this beautiful wish, on that day nearly half a month ago, became an empty talk that could never be touched.

  That day, for Australian figure skater Harry Windsor, was also the darkest day in his life. Ekaterina is his partner on the field, and the two of them have experienced failure and success, trough and glory together. When Ekaterina was found to have fallen from her home in Moscow, he was still unwilling to believe that the 20-year-old figure skating girl had ended his unexploded life in such a tragic way.

  Harry Windsor wrote on personal social media: "I can't describe my feelings in words. The sudden death of Katia (Ekaterina) made me feel extremely sad and disgusted. I will never forget us. I will always remember the achievements made during the cooperation."

Harry Windsor issued a message in memory of his former partner.

  Ekaterina and Windsor have been partnering since 2015. They have won the double champion of the 2017 World Youth Figure Skating Championships and successfully stepped onto the stage of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Become the first pair of Australian double skaters to participate in the Olympics in 10 years.

Ekaterina at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

  Looking back at the games of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Ekaterina is like a fairy dancing on the ice. Her graceful figure and dexterous steps are integrated with the white ice. Ian Chesterman, head of the Australian team’s delegation to Pyeongchang, once spoke highly of the talented girl: “She is an energetic and talented athlete. Her behavior is quiet and humble, but she is determined to do the best."

  After entering the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, Ekaterina was given high hopes. She was optimistic that she could shine on the stage of the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, her future glory and dreams came to an abrupt end at the moment she fell.

Screenshot of Ekaterina's social media.

  According to foreign media reports, Ekaterina jumped out of the window on the sixth floor of the apartment. After preliminary investigation, her death was suicide, and the specific cause is still under investigation. Ekaterina's coach revealed that the young girl suffers from depression. In January of this year, she was diagnosed with epilepsy again, which means that her figure skating career has almost come to an end.

  Up to now, we cannot know whether Ekaterina was overwhelmed by a sudden illness or whether the burden of life made her think about the future. But what is certain is that in her short life, figure skating has become almost all of her life.

  Ekaterina was born in Moscow and became involved in figure skating at the age of 4. In order to seek better development in her career, Ekaterina left her home country, which is rich in figure skating champions, and obtained Australian citizenship at the age of 17.

  From the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, Ekaterina took her dream of figure skating across the ocean. But before the flower of dreams could bloom in the future, it fell into the abyss together with life.

Ekaterina in the game. Image source: Ekaterina's personal social media.

  Watching the lively life fleetingly makes people feel more fragile. No one knows what desperate moments Ekaterina experienced before her death that she chose to end her precious life in this extreme way.

  But there is a long way for people to grow up. With flowers and applause in our lives, there will inevitably be frustration and pain. Sometimes life is like a butterfly in the wind, vulnerable to a blow, and its fragility is regrettable; sometimes, life is like a grass that "wild fire is endless, spring breeze blows again", and its tenacity is amazing.

  The arrival of life is so accidental, and because it is fleeting, we should be in awe. Ekaterina left a note when she was alive, which read "I love". The world has no way to know what she is in love with. But there are still things she can't let go of in this chaotic world.

  The deceased is gone. We can’t comment on Ekaterina’s experience and her attitude towards life. We only hope that heaven still has her favorite ice skates and dancing shoes. (Finish)