Sumo Wrestling July 14th Day Terunofuji wins the second defeat at Chiaki Raku wins August 1st 20:13

On the 14th day of July, Sumo Wrestling took place on the 14th day, while the top leader, Terunofuji, lost the game, but Shin-Ozeki Asanoyama also lost the third. If Terunofuji wins in Chiaki on the 2nd, the second victory will be decided since the summer place in 2015.

It is a victory after losing in the middle.
▽ Takaan is close to Takanashi on Nishiki. Nishiki is losing.
▽The sea of ​​Sada is close to the sea of ​​Sada on Koto Shogiku.
▽Koto Yuki on Mt. Shoho is closed from the first day after Yuki Koto hurt his right knee. Shohozan is a bye.
▽Chiyo Maru is close to Shimanoumi.
▽Myogiryu is mingled with Myogiryu.
▽Takae Waka Takakage pushes Waka Takakage.
▽Tochinoshin is a good throw to Kitakatsuji.
▽ From the 1st, Kato no Waka, who re-enters the scene, is shining brightly.
▽Treasure Fuji is overtaken by Keisei.
▽Takatsu Ryu wins Takashi's victory by pushing Takashi's victory.
▽ On Abusaki, Abusaki pushed out for the first day.
▽Endo throws a good hand at Ryuden. Ryuden has lost.
▽Toyoyama is pushed out by Toyoyama.
▽Daiei Sho is overwhelmed by Flame Peng.
▽Oki's sea Oki's sea overlooks Aoyama.
▽ Terunofuji Sekiwaki Masayo defended 3 losses by making a positive move. Terunofuji suffered the second loss.
▽To Mitake Sea Koeko Mitsumi defended 3 losses with a scoop.
▽ Shin-Ozeki Asahiyama is terrifying, the territory is ahead. Asanoyama suffered the third loss.

In July, if Terunofuji wins in Chiaki on the 2nd, the second win will be decided since the summer of 2015.