Professional baseball Oryx team member second person No contact with infected players, etc. August 1, 23:23

Orix, a professional baseball player, announced that male employees in their twenties were infected with the new coronavirus. Orix confirmed the infection of another employee for 30 days, and the second person was infected, but since there is no contact with athletes etc., the team decides to do as scheduled.

According to the team, a male employee in his twenties who belongs to the sales department complained of poor physical condition on the 31st, and was tested positive as a result of an antigen test.

The staff is currently not having symptoms such as fever and is waiting at their home in Osaka. It was the second person to be infected by ORIX.

In addition, the public health center determined that another team member was a heavy contact person, but he did not have any symptoms such as fever.

Since neither of them has any contact with the players or the people involved in the team, the team will work as planned.

On the other hand, a male employee in his 40s who was confirmed to be infected on the 30th and was in the management department was informed by the public health center that he had no rich contacts.