Professional baseball 1st day Game difference between leading giant and 2nd place Yakult spreads August 1 23:06

In professional baseball, two day games and four night games were played, and the game difference widened to 4.5 because the leading giant in the Se-League won and the second-placed Yakult lost.

SE League

(Giant vs Hiroshima) The
giant won 11-3.

The Giants overcame three points in one-on-one three times with their opponent's error and Wheeler's sacrificial fly, and added six points in the sixth with Okamoto's 14th base run. The starting pitcher, Taguchi, is the second win with 7 runs and 2 runs.

Hiroshima lost 5 giants in a row.

(Chunichi vs Yakult)
Chunichi won 3 to 1.

In the Chunichi, Oshima's 2-point timely victory was won eight times 1:1. The starting pitcher, Katsuno, won for the first time this season with 1 goal in the 8th inning. Leidel Martinez pitches his fifth save.

Yakult had two errors in the run, and Ogawa, who had made good pitches, was unable to survive the eight innings.

(Hanshin vs. DeNA)
DeNA won 7-3.

DeNA won 2 to 5 with Sano No. 5 Touran 5 times. The starting pitcher, Imanaga, is the fourth win with two runs in seven runs. DeNA has won three consecutive games with one draw.

Hanshin got a runner-up from the starting pitcher, Nishi Yuki, and he broke with six runs five times.

Pacific League

(Softbank vs Seibu)
Softbank won 4-0.

SOFTBANK took the lead with Kurihara's 7th three-run, and added additional points with Yanagita's 3rd time.

The starting pitcher, Ishikawa, was the fourth win, with one hit and thirteen strikeouts struck out, and the first professional pitcher completed with a closed victory.

Seibu's winning rate fell below 50%.

(Lotte vs. Rakuten)
Rakuten won 8-0.

Rakuten once scored 5 points with Shimauchi's timely and Uchida's No. 5 home run, and in the 6th, Asamura scored additional points by hitting the runner's timely two base from base.

The starting pitcher Shiomi hits seven times and is the second victory with three goals.

Lotte's starting pitcher, Taneichi pitched 6 times in the middle with 8 goals in the middle, resulting in a 50% win rate.

(Nippon Ham vs Orix)
Nippon Ham won 3 to 1.

Nippon Ham preempted 2 points in the 6th inning, such as Watanabe's timely, and in the 8th, added points in Nakata's 13th solo.

The starting pitcher, Barhagen, is the third win with seven goals. Akiyoshi pitched the 8th save.

For Orix, the starting pitcher was Tajima's 2 runs in 6 innings, but there was no batting line support.