Khimki near Moscow announced the resignation of head coach Sergei Yuran. According to General Director Alexander Zaitsev, the club and the specialist failed to agree on improving the terms of the contract. 

“Entering the Premier League, the final of the Russian Cup is a result that was achieved thanks to his coaching talent and professionalism. I have always treated Sergei Nikolayevich with great respect as a football player and with the same respect I treat both a coach and a person, but in order to continue cooperation, the consent of both parties to the negotiations is needed. Alas, we failed to achieve this agreement, ”Sport24 quotes Zaitsev.

It is reported that the place of Juran may be taken by the mentor of the Spartak Academy Dmitry Gunko.

However, the situation with the specialist's departure turned out to be very ambiguous.

Three days ago, the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region, Roman Teryushkov, announced that Juran would continue his work. Under the guidance of a specialist, Khimki reached the Russian Cup final, where they lost to Zenit, and also made their way to the Russian Premier League (RPL), in connection with which there should have been no complaints against him.

However, on the eve of the media reported that Juran would still leave the team, and Gunko would take his place. At the same time, the specialist himself said that he learned about the "appointment" from the media.

Then the situation was clarified by Juran himself. He said that Zaitsev invited him to his place and announced his intention to break the contract with him.

“What motivated the decision to leave? Yes, nothing. This instruction came from Spartak. It was from Shamil Gazizov. So write ... I talked with Teryushkov, he said that my candidacy was not coordinated with Spartak. That is why they remove me, ”Juran told Sport Express.

The reaction of the red-and-white CEO was not long in coming.

“It's funny. I don't want to comment. I haven't seen Juran for a long time. Josep Guardiola will be fired from City tomorrow, so what? Will they say that Gazizov fired through Alexander Zinchenko? There is even nothing to say here ", - quotes Gazizov" Championship ".

Meanwhile, according to Zaitsev, the decision to terminate the contract was associated with completely different circumstances. The general director of Khimki said that Juran demanded an increase in salary, which the club could not agree to.

Later, the coach himself partially confirmed this. According to him, negotiations on a salary increase were indeed conducted, and the parties allegedly even managed to reach a preliminary agreement. However, then, according to Juran, the Khimki management changed its mind and decided to part with the mentor, despite the fact that he was ready to work on the same conditions.

In turn, Teryushkov also denied information that Spartak appeared in his conversation with the coach. He stressed that the decision to continue or terminate cooperation is made exclusively by the management of the club, so he does not know anything about the reasons for terminating the contract.

At the same time, the Khimki players took the side of Juran. They sent a letter to the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov with a request to investigate the situation and find out the reasons for the unexpected resignation.

“Dear Andrey Yuryevich, we are completely satisfied with the coach Juran, the team has created an excellent microlimate. We are ready to fight for this coach, for each other, for the honor of the region, for our loyal fans in the Premier League. We ask you to intervene in the situation and convince the club's management to leave Sergey Yuran as head coach of Khimki! "- said in a letter signed by 21 footballers.

Khimki fans made a similar statement in support of the specialist. They expressed concern about the current situation and suggested that the resignation was explained by the "games of officials in the offices", and not by the sports component.

Passions did not subside even after the official announcement of the coach's departure. Juran said that he did not sign the document terminating the contract and did not receive a notification from the club, which should have been received two weeks before the dismissal. According to him, he was informed about the decision of the management only orally. The coach assures that the day before he discussed with Teryushkov the issue of strengthening the team, and today he was not allowed to participate in the training process.

“Today I wanted to go to training, but I was not allowed to the base to pick up my things. I had to call, well, there are people who could help. And the guys wanted to talk to me, but their guards would not let them leave the base either. What does it look like? Yet the players insisted on being released. It was necessary to see it from the side. Wild West ", - said Juran in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In addition, he thanked the fans and players for their support and expressed his willingness to continue working with the team. Therefore, he intends to wait for an explanation from the Khimki management, and also hopes that Vorobyov will react to the players' letter and take appropriate measures.

It is reported that in the near future the appointment of Gunko to the post of head coach of Khimki will be officially announced. According to Gazizov, "Spartak" does not intend to interfere with this transition.

“If such an offer came from the RPL club, then we cannot keep a coach. This is an honorable offer for Dmitry, a new challenge. I'm glad for him. He leaves the post of the head coach of the Spartak academy and the council, "Gazizov confirmed.