Rugby Japan National Team has canceled two test match games scheduled for November 12:09 on July 31st

Rugby Japan National Team planned to do this in November due to the change of the international tournament schedule by the international rugby group World Rugby, saying that there are restrictions on entry to each country due to the influence of the new coronavirus Two test matches between Scotland and Ireland have been cancelled.

World Rugby announced on the 30th of this month that it has changed the schedule of the scheduled international competition in consideration of the risk of new coronavirus infection due to cross-country movement and restrictions on entry by each country.

This includes six European opponents such as Scotland and Ireland, which were suspended during the season, and will resume on October 24.

In response to this, the Japan Rugby Association will discontinue the test match of two games in total, which were scheduled overseas on 31st, against Japan on November 14 against Scotland and against Ireland on November 21. Announced.