A court in Zurich started an investigation on Thursday against FIFA chairman Gianni Infantino. The Swiss is suspected of corruption.

A special prosecutor has been appointed to direct the investigation into Infantino's contacts with Michael Lauber, who headed the Swiss prosecutor's office as federal prosecutor. Authorities report that the investigation into Infantino has begun and formal permission has been sought to initiate legal action against Lauber.

Last week, Lauber offered his resignation after the court concluded that he had withheld a meeting with Infantino. He should have asked for official permission.

Special Prosecutor Stefan Keller was appointed earlier this month to investigate possible corruption of Infantino and Lauber. He reports to have found evidence of criminal offenses. Both Infantino and Lauber deny that.

Infantino succeeded corrupt Blatter

Fifty-year-old Infantino was elected president of FIFA in 2016, succeeding fellow countryman Sepp Blatter. Blatter, 84, was suspended for eight years in 2015 (later reduced to six years) following a major FIFA corruption scandal. Many other FIFA prominent figures also had to leave the field.

In 2019, Infantino was reelected to a second term, which means he will head FIFA for another four years.