Sani Brown To the Tokyo Olympics U.S. professional team affiliation Short distance on land July 30 17:49

Sani Brown Abdel Hakiem, a 100-meter Japanese record holder who has trained at the University of Florida in the United States, will join the same Florida-based professional track and field team.

After graduating from high school in Japan, Sani Brown went to the United States and belonged to the prestigious university sports university of Florida, and in June last year, he set a new record of 9 seconds 97 in Japan for 100 meters of men.

He continued training based at the University of Florida after he turned professional at the age of 20 after the season ended, but according to his management company, he belongs to a professional track and field team in the same state of Florida, Tumbleweed Track Club. It means that it was decided to do.

The club produces three-jump jump Olympic champion Christian Taylor and Andre Douglas, a 200-meter men's silver medalist at the Rio de Janeiro tournament and a bronze medal for 100 meters.

The coach, American coach Lana Ryder, had a history of coaching Sani Brown in the Netherlands before entering college in 2017.

Sani Brown commented, "I will continue training in a new environment and prepare for the Olympics because the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed for one year."