The professional baseball team, SK Wyverns, which issued its own discipline without reporting to the KBO Secretariat, reported a fine of 20 million won.

In addition, Lotte Giants catcher Ji Seong-jun, who had been accused of association with a minor in social media, was suspended for 72 games.

The KBO Secretariat held a prize committee at the baseball hall in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul today (30th) to deliberate on the case of SK team and Ji-jun Ji and decide the level of discipline.

The KBO's Committee on Compensation for the Damage of the Team's Dignity Even though the team has not reported it to the KBO, it is said that it is responsible for the management of the unreported and the team's management.Article 152,'Reporting and handling of harmful acts', Article 150 According to', I was fined 20 million won.

In the case of the SK squad, not only corporal punishment, but also the fact that some players drunk and unlicensed was revealed.

Article 148 of the KBO Code deals with cheating, such as sports gambling, and Article 151 deals with overall dignity, such as drugs and violence, sexual crime, and drunk driving.

Subsequently, in Article 152, the'Report and Disposition of Harmful Actions,''Warning ▲ if the team knows that its player has cheated on Article 148 or cheated on Article 151. He stated that he could be disciplined by imposing a disciplinary measure.

In other words, the fine punishment of more than 100 million won was possible, but the KBO sanctions committee seemed to have lowered the fine level by recognizing SK's claim that there was no intention to conceal.

The assault of the SK 2nd Army Squad took place in May.

Some older players physically punished newcomers who deviated.

SK insisted that it was only self-disciplinary, but when it became known outside, it was only late on July 14th that the contents were disclosed and made a mistake, but he did not intend to hide them.

KBO Sanctions Committee suspended the 30-game suspension and fines of 5 million won for Taek-hyung Kim and Dong-min Shin who beat their juniors, and the suspension of 10-game suspension for pitcher Jeong Young-il.

Seo Sang-jun and Choi Jae-sung, who were confirmed to have drunk driving, and Choi Jae-sung, who were driving without a license, disciplined 30 business trips and fined 2 million won and 40 hours of social service.

Jeonui-san, who helped co-workers drink and drive unlicensed, could not avoid suspension of business trips in 15 games.

In addition, KBO's Sanction Committee issued a suspension of 72 business trips based on defamation to Ji Sung-jun, who had been questioned for inappropriate personal matters such as the allegations of forced child molestation.

On June 26, Lotte held its own awards and decided to suspend Ji-Sung Ji's business indefinitely until the decision of KBO Secretariat and law enforcement agencies was raised due to the maintenance and honor of professional baseball players.

(Photo = Yonhap News)