After three straight losses on Monday, it looked like it would be three points for Mjällby at home against an even weaker Kalmar. But two late goals from the Smålanders made the meeting end 2-2.

On Tuesday, then came the next heavy blow for MAIF.

Goalkeeper Marko Johansson, who has been on loan from Malmö FF and who has guarded the box office in eight of eleven rounds in the Allsvenskan so far for the club, leaves and returns to the Skåne team.

- We could have opposed, but he clearly showed that he wants to return to Malmö. If he does not want to play in Mjällby himself, we do not want to either. We only want players in Mjällby AIF who want to play here, says Mjällby's sports manager Hasse Larsson to Kristianstadsbladet.

Hasse Larsson confirms to the newspaper that Johansson is leaving immediately and is no longer available for MAIF. The next match for Mjällby is against league-leading Norrköping on Monday.

SVT Sport has sought head coach Marcus Lantz.

KLIPP: Mjällby lost the victory in the final minute against Kalmar (July 27, 2020)

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Mjällby lost the victory in the final minute Photo: Bildbyrån