Filip Bengtsson is considered Sweden's foremost motocross rider with four Swedish Championship golds in MX1 and he has also represented Sweden in the World Cup on several occasions.

Now it can be enduro instead of the 28-year-old Swedish star, who competes for Vimmerby MS.

The victory on Gotland last autumn gave him more taste. During the weekend's first Swedish Championship in enduro in Skövde, Bengtsson drove in as a total of five on the first day, and then won in total on the second day.

- Now that it went so well on the first try, it is not impossible that I completely re-saddle to enduro next year. But nothing is decided. I want to feel that I am done with motocross first, says Filip Bengtsson to SVT Sport.

- But it's damn fun with enduro, you learn something new all the time. I have ridden motocross for a long time, both internationally and nationally for ten years, but now it may be the last year of the cross, Bengtsson continues.

Right now it is a bit unclear if Bengtsson can complete the entire SM series in enduro. The SM series in motocross starts in August, and the next enduro-SM will be run in Enköping on September 6 and is close to the motocross-SM in Vissefjärda. And Bengtsson has a factory contract with Husqvarna to drive motocross.

In any case, Filip Bengtsson is attracted by a major investment in enduro, where he believes he can also assert himself internationally. And it could be the start of the World Cup already this autumn for "Filibang".

- I keep all the doors open. Both Micke Persson and Albin Elowson have done well internationally, and I have shown that I can compete with them. I hope to be able to try some competition in the enduro WC already during the autumn, to see where you stand a little, says Filip Bengtsson.

Filip Bengtsson has also gained good support to make a real enduro investment. Bengtsson represents the team Blom MX Racing from Vimmerby, where the former team manager and founder of Husaberg, Tomas Gustavsson is the new team manager.

- I have very good material to ride on, and I have the speed with me from motocross. At the highest level, it is important that you feel safe in what you are driving. As enduro looks today, I think I benefit greatly from motocross. I am quite explosive and have always been fast in the beginning and dare to invest, says Filip Bengtsson.