“If we talk about NBA basketball as a show, then in general any other basketball can not be watched. Because in terms of marketing, the NBA is ahead of the rest. A completely different story - our Russian or European basketball, but they also have their own flavor, their own authenticity. Yes, the conditions of preparation and the examples before the eyes that American children have cannot be compared with those that our growing athletes have. For example, a fictitious child from Oklahoma watches the NBA team play in his hometown and can come to the arena to watch the training of great masters, and even touch an idol. There are 30 TV channels in the US that vie with each other to show the NBA game. We, in Russia, do not have this, "- quotes the words of Kirilenko" Evening Moscow ".

He noted that it is more interesting for him to watch the Russian championship.

“Because there are guys who grew up in the same sports schools as me. And in the Euroleague, I am more interested in the match of Russian clubs, for example, CSKA vs. Zalgiris, who once played in the USSR championship, than the match between Barcelona and Real, ”added the head of the RFB.

Earlier it was reported that Kirilenko shared his memories of the games with Bryant and Jordan in the NBA.