One year later on stage Athlete Oath to the Tokyo Olympics 23 July 2:00

The Tokyo Olympics will start one year later, on July 23, 2021. The athletes are positively aware of the period of self-restraint due to the new coronavirus, and are vowed to be active again.

Judo: Shohei Ohno "Embodiing Judo that conveys something"

Shohei Ohno, who has been nominated as a representative of the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 73 kg class of judo men, is a Japanese ace who is expected to win two consecutive titles following the Rio de Janeiro tournament.
Regarding the situation in which full-scale rehearsals such as defacement due to the influence of the new coronavirus can not be resumed, "Honestly, it is true that I can not even think of the Tokyo Olympics next year. Today, what to do first, long one week ahead It is a situation in which the goal is set.”
For the past few months, he has been running, strength training, and driving alone by himself every day, saying, "Everyone is equal during this period, and there is a difference in how to feed it. Since there are many hours of loneliness, lonely time increases, but it is "lonely" rather than lonely. I have been training by proposing myself that I will go to a higher place."
For the future, "There is nothing to lose in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. Because all the lost skills, physical strength, and spiritual things are lost somewhere in the dojo where we are practicing, firmly "The most important thing to do now is to collect them and once again to recover myself when I was strong," he said to himself.
Regarding his thoughts on the Tokyo Olympics, "Of course I want a gold medal, but I can not say that now, so what I have to do as a judoka is to stand on a tatami mat again and convey something. It's all about this."

Badminton Kento Momota "I believe in myself"

In response to an NHK interview, badminton men's singles Kento Momota responded to an interview with NHK that he had decided to postpone the Olympics during the rehabilitation period due to a traffic accident in January. I want to make the Tokyo Olympics so that people can see what they are seeing and convey something. I would like to convey that, even if there is a lot of negative news about the new coronavirus, I think that "even if it is hard, if you do not give up, your dream will come true". did.
Training camp of the international tournament is interrupted due to the influence of the new coronavirus Japan representative also're all the same condition that it can not "game about the situation, which is not stand the prospect of such activities resume is postponed until next month. Foundation is not able to make firm I think I can win the match at the start of the match. I don't worry because I believe in myself," he said, showing confidence to return to the match.

Badminton Nozomu Okuhara "I want to overcome challenges and stand on the stage without regret"

Nozomi Okuhara of the badminton women's singles who is sure to be a representative of the Tokyo Olympics paid a courtesy visit to Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, where he was born, and said, "I want to prepare for the biggest goal of badminton life".
Okuhara, who won the bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, visited his hometown of Omachi City, partly because the Tokyo Olympics were postponed to next year due to the influence of the new coronavirus and the schedule of the international competition was changed.
At the city hall, Mayor Toru Ushikoshi called back to me and received a bouquet.
He then talked with the members of the Okuhara player's support group and the mayor, and said, "Because of the new virus, we couldn't play the games we used to play so far, and it became an opportunity to think about how athletes should be. One of the biggest goals of badminton life. I want to prepare for the next Olympics."
In response to this, Mayor Ushikoshi encouraged us to "give us a smile for the next Olympics." After this, Okuhara said to the reporters, "I can't imagine what will happen in the past year, but I'm worried, but my goal to win a gold medal remains the same, so I want to overcome existing challenges and set the stage without regret." Said his enthusiasm.

Athlete Yoshihide Kiryu "100% plus for postponement"

Yoshihide Kiryu, a short-distance runner, said of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was postponed for one year, saying, ``The goal of staying in the final at 100 meters and playing the game has not changed, and it is not decided by myself about the holding, so there is not much concern. No. I'm 24 to 25 in age, and I'm growing mentally and physically every year and a year, so I think the postponement is 100% positive for me," he said positively.
After that, after declaring the emergency, I bought training equipment at home and ran in the neighborhood in the early morning or late night when there was no traffic, so I was careful not to lose my physical strength. No, I don't think I'm not satisfied because no one in the world is practicing well, but when I ran on the track for the first time in a long time, my soles got tired," he said with a smile.

Sports climbing Chia Narasaki "Gold medal in perfect condition"

Chia Narasaki, who has been nominated as a representative of the Tokyo Olympics for sports climbing in a new competition, won the World Championship last year and is positioned as the most powerful gold medal.
Regarding the situation that activities were limited due to the postponement of the Olympics for one year and the influence of the new coronavirus, "I had a feeling that I wanted to do the Olympics. However, I thought that I would be stronger again and switch my mind. I feel that sports competitions are being held under the support of many people, and I am very happy to receive many messages of support in such difficult times."
Currently, I am continuing my training at a practice field where all the walls of the 3rd category completed in May, following the same affiliation Keiyo Noguchi's parents' house in Ibaraki prefecture.
Narasaki said, "Even if the Olympics are postponed, my goal is to win a gold medal. I want to grow little by little and win a gold medal in perfect condition."

Sports climbing Hiroyo Noguchi "How strong you can be in one year"

31-year-old Keiyo Noguchi, who has been nominated as a representative for the Tokyo Olympic Games for sports climbing, has decided to retire after the Tokyo Games.
Since the tournament was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus and activities were restricted, I am continuing my training at a practice field where all the walls of the 3rd category completed in May after I was born in Ibaraki prefecture.
Noguchi said, “The Olympics have been postponed, but I was happy to be able to practice on this wall for another year as a competitive life, so I accepted it as soon as possible.”
It means that during the three months I have been focusing on training at my parents' house, I have been shortening the time in the "speed" event, where Noguchi is competing for the climbing speed.
Noguchi said, “I feel like I'm still not very strong on a daily basis. I would have retired from the competition in less than a month. I'm thinking every day whether or not I can grow stronger,” said the leading expert, who is still motivated to grow.

Table tennis Misei Ito "Chance to improve your ability"

Table tennis player Makoto Ito, who has been designated as a representative of the Tokyo Olympics, is second in the world ranking. Before the interruption due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was the last time that it was the last time, and at the international competition in March, expectations for winning the gold medal are increasing, such as winning the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, China of gold medalist, polite player straight.
Mr. Ito said that he was worried about the next year's Olympics due to the spread of the new coronavirus, ``I am doing my best for the Tokyo Olympics, so I have a desire to hold it, If you feel uneasy, you can't move forward. Acting because you think that there is no Olympics is different from motivating when you think that you are there. I'm doing so, so I think it's only going forward."
On top of that, he said, "I think I will have more confidence to win the Olympics next year. I think there are opportunities to improve my ability and to win the championship. I want to be confident in the Olympics, so I have to leave it for the past year. "I want to do what I can to avoid it. I'm looking forward to the Olympics."

Table tennis Miu Hirano "Play that pierces people's hearts"

Miu Hirano, a table tennis player who has been nominated as a representative of the Tokyo Olympics, responded to the interview on the 22nd and said about the Tokyo Olympics, which will be one year until the opening, "If it is held, I would like to play a game that pierces the hearts of the viewers." Said enthusiasm.
Hirano responded to a news interview online on the night of the 22nd.
During the period when the emergency was declared, I had the time to think about myself, saying, "I feel once again that sports cannot be done unless the world is peaceful. I can't do that, so I thought it wasn't enough. I think it's best to try hard so that everyone can play well when the match is resumed, and I think it's only practice," he said as an athlete. I told you.
In addition, last month, I recalled that I practiced with players who have been decided to be representatives, such as Mitsui Ito, at the training camp that resumed for the first time in about two and a half months, and said, ``Ito looks very happy and wants to be strong. I was practicing while having the feeling that I thought I would like to incorporate it. I was able to do my best with everyone at the camp," he said, and he seemed to be inspired by the reunion after a long time.
And about the Tokyo Olympics, which will be one year before the opening, ``I am not sure when the game will resume due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in the world, but when the Olympics are held, the new coronavirus will end and the world I think it is also a symbol of peace, and I want to play in a way that pierces the hearts of those who see it."

Table tennis Hayao Mizutani "Showing Yourself Growing Up"

Hayao Mizutani, a player who has been nominated as a representative of the Tokyo Olympics, won the silver medal in the men's group at the last Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and the first bronze medal in the men's singles event to be the first Japanese player to win two medals.
Mizutani said of the current situation that the next year's event is uncertain due to the influence of the new coronavirus, "I can not do anything on my own, I am ready for my heart. I started table tennis. The goal from time to time was to win a medal at the Olympic Games, but I think that I could have enough time to achieve it at the Rio de Janeiro Games," he said calmly.
Then, about the 4th Olympic Games held locally in Tokyo, "I believe that it will be held now, whether it will be postponed for 1 year, 2 years postponed, 4 years postponed, Tokyo So, as long as there is an Olympic Games, I would like to prepare for it," he said.
And now that there is no prospect of reopening the international competition in table tennis, regarding the role played by athletes, "I think it is meaningful for us to exist after the normal lives have returned to the people. I want to be a person who can give me energy and courage, so I want to make a good preparation now, and when I see my play next time, I want to show myself who I grew up from before."

Gymnastics Asuka Teramoto "Acting to Tell Life"

Gymnastics girl Asuka Teramoto suffered a serious injury that left her Achilles Ken in tears in February before the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics was decided, and temporarily gave up on the Olympics.
Four years ago, at the second Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, she contributed to a record high in 4th place for a women's organization, and has continued to play an active role as a core member of Japan.
In June of last year, when the Japanese national team of the world championships that the organization of the Tokyo Olympics was asked to announce, the ace player Mae Murakami who abstained from the selection just before was in tears. Upon finding, Teramoto got off the stage and hugged Murakami.
He made a powerful statement saying, "I will always get the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics together," and won the Olympic right at the World Championship four months later.
When Ms. Teramoto got injured when he entered this year and gave up on participating in the Tokyo Olympics, Ms. Murakami was the one who was most excited.

"The moment I was injured, I thought the Olympics were impossible and I felt it was over. I thought it would be easier to quit the competition, but I received a colored paper from Murakami saying "I can definitely get over it." became "

Teramoto players, still, can not acting prior to the injury, but is mid-way to the return, than to regret not do it", do you want to regret. the results also think it's important, the life I want to perform as I say,” showing his ambition for the Olympics.

Softball Yukiko Ueno "Evolving with a pursuit and pursuit"

Yukiko Ueno, a softball pitcher, turned 38 on the 22nd birthday.
The fast ball that exceeds 120 km and a variety of changing balls are alive and have an overwhelming presence.
Regarding the 1-year postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, "I have been honest for a year. There is anxiety that I don't know what will happen during this period, but I have to take it positively. If I can work hard and go up without being satisfied, I want to evolve with an inquiring spirit and a pursuit. I want to make sure that this year isn't wasted."
"Yoga" was added to the training menu during the period when there was no league match for the team to which the new coronavirus was applied.
He says that by starting "yoga", he was able to understand the physical condition of the day.
In the bullpen, I aim to learn new ball types by vigorously throwing them.
Ueno said, "There are still many things I can't do. It's a happy thing for me to throw a ball like this."
When asked about his enthusiasm for the third Olympics, which he will reach at the age of 39, he said, ``I think it would be fun if I could pitch just enough to satisfy my heart at that time, and I think it would be worthwhile to work on it, so I don't think it's a big year. I have a high motivation, so I would like to do my best when I can do my best."

Sailing Ai Yoshida "Mama's powerful figure and gold medal"

Ai Yoshida, who has been nominated for the Japan national team in the 470th class for sailing, has been selected as a medal candidate along with Miho Yoshioka, who has formed a pair after the London Games.
39-year-old Yoshida left the competition for a while after the birth of Ryu-chan, the eldest son after the Rio de Janeiro tournament, but one year after the birth, he won the first gold medal in a Japanese women's championship at the world championship. We have positioned the Tokyo Games, which will be the four consecutive tournaments, as the culmination of our competitive lives.
Amid unusual developments such as postponement of the tournament and discussions on simplification, Yoshida said, ``I experienced the difficulty of winning the 3 tournaments and I think that the Olympics is the highest peak. Sometimes I don't know what happens due to the effects of the virus, but I'm really happy just to hold it."
Yoshida accepted the postponement of the tournament in a positive manner and said, “Ryura will enter the tournament at the age of four, so I hope that he will remember it even if he grows up. In addition to the appearance, I have a strong desire to show me the gold medal."
Regarding the return of the 1st year to the Tokyo Olympics, the situation is different from the year before last, such as the fact that the chances of competing with overseas athletes at competitions will be reduced over the next year. I would like to proceed with a thorough consideration of the way to go."

Karate Ken Nishimura "Doing What You Should Do Proudly"

Ken Nishimura, who has secured an unofficial decision in the new competition of the Tokyo Olympics, the 75-kg class of Karate Men's Kumite, is expected to win a medal because he has won the international competition.
Regarding the situation that next year's event will be uncertain due to the influence of the new coronavirus, ``Karate will not be adopted as a competition at the next Paris tournament, so this time it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both the karate world and me. That's why I really want you to hold it, but I think that if the environment is not prepared and it is canceled, we must accept it," he said calmly.
Regarding the fact that the content of the lessons is more restricted than before due to measures to prevent infection while the international competitions are being canceled one after another, "It is true that motivation does not rise, but considering the current situation, it can not be forced. I am worried that I am not satisfied with my practice and I don't know what will happen to me, but all of them are the same, so I have to do what I can do."
For next year's Olympics, "The situation will change, but I will do what I should do without fear and dignity. If it is held, I will adjust to it and fight at the best condition and win the gold medal So I want to do my best every day, every day."