Christophe Dominici is accused of theft and violence by a saleswoman from Sanary-sur-Mer. - THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

Le Canard Enchaîné tells us this Wednesday that the former international rugby player Christophe Dominici would be the subject of a complaint for theft and violence filed by a saleswoman of a hat shop in Sanary-sur-Mer, in the Var.

The facts would have taken place on July 5, when the former winger was in the midst of negotiations for the possible takeover of the Béziers club by the Emiratis. The negotiations finally ended without any agreement being reached.

Chase race in Sanary

According to the palmipede, Christophe Dominici would have gone to the shop to find a Panama, but things would very quickly have turned into confusion. Wanting to buy "the most expensive hat" in the store, he allegedly asked the saleswoman to give it to him, adding that he would come and pay for it later. Faced with the refusal of this one, Dominici would then have turned over the stall before pushing the lady to the ground and to make the trunk with a… lace hat.

Pursued by two other traders who attended the altercation, the former player of the XV of France would have ended up abandoning his loot before disappearing into the wild. The alleged victim eventually called the police and was prescribed five days of ITT.


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