• Regrowth. Why did Fuenlabrada travel with infected people?

In the sun in La Coruña on July 21 you can have a beer at 15:30 in the afternoon without risk of lipothymia. On the terraces of the General Azcárraga square , the comment leaped from one table to another, as in the rest of the city. There was no talk of time, but of football and viruses, a diabolical mix. The sadness for the theoretical descent to Second B of Deportivo was mixed by health indignation, when suddenly discovering in the heart of the coquettish Galician city an outbreak of coronavirus imported by the ball.

"But how did they let them travel?" A girl asked her boyfriend with the newspaper in hand. The two knew that just 200 meters away was Fuenlabrada, the most famous club in Spain today because of those infections that erupted at the worst possible moment, at the gates of the momentous last day of the League. Rushed to play, with pending evidence of results and the suspicion of something was already wrong, the modest club from Madrid, rookie in the category and aspiring, like this and everything, to the promotion to First, was in Galicia locked up and unable to go to Riazor to dispute his party.

The seven positives that emerged on Monday afternoon suspended the meeting against the local team and put the Xunta on guard , so far proud to own some of the best statistics in the pandemic . The entire Fuenlabrada expedition was confined to its rooms at the NH Finesterre, a five-star from A Coruña that looks out to the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña. Pool, gym, tennis courts ... Everything is silent except for the entrance, where journalists and cameras record their stories. In reception, little movement. In general, the city circulates at half gas, with hardly any tourism and with many neighbors on vacation.

Upon hearing the news, some guests from the Finiterre packed their bags and others scared down to reception. Those who arrived today asked if they could enter safely. The Xunta's sanitary technicians isolated a plant to carry out the PCR tests at Fuenlabrada. Those who were still negative, because the infected were tested in their rooms. The EPI suits were not lacking. "Are you afraid?" A Galician nurse asked one of the team members, before sticking the stick in his nose. "And you?", He replied.

Everyone, of course, has been prohibited from leaving the room since yesterday. "The views are good, at least," they joke. The room service has raised their dinner, breakfast and lunch, waiting for the results of the two controls that have passed in the early hours ( Xunta and Liga ) to clarify their horizon a little.

They trust the expedition that those free of viruses can return to Madrid tomorrow, without ruling out that the authorities force them to pass a third test in Galicia. "Everyone talks about soccer, promotions and descents, but nobody asks about us ...", one player lamented. "And what about our families?" Asks another club envoy. They fear exponential growth in infections, which started in an isolated case on Saturday, went to three on Sunday and reached seven on Monday. If they have the disease, their environment would also have to be controlled. This has been the case with the comrades who stayed ashore, when their positives were confirmed. Luckily, so far none have had symptoms.

Nor those who are in Madrid, for example, the team doctor, one of the first infected. The trainer, José Ramón Sandoval , knows what the coronavirus is. In March it fell soon. Now, one point from playing the promotion playoff (he should tie in the pending duel with Depor) he does not know when his men will be able to train again. And on the terrace of El Cantoncillo, one minute from his hotel, the waiter asked curiously: "So is Deportivo in Segunda B?"

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