• Abalde: the boy of 300,000 euros and a Mercadona

Alberto Abalde's arrival at Real Madrid is official, until the end of the 2024-2025 season, after the payment of a million and a half euros of the termination clause to Valencia Basket. A strategic signing, although it was precipitated by the white setback in the Extraordinary Final Phase, which made it all rethink for the next course. An acquisition of present and future, the most appetizing national forward of the present time, the signing that had to be made. Although now it's time to show it.

The Ferrolano, a basketball pedigree - his father, a Galician basketball classic with a career in ACB, the career of his sister Tamara is extraordinary -, goes on a mission with more responsibility than is presumed. He must be the one to take over and replace two of the best outsiders in the history of the club, none other than Sergio Llull (32 years old) and Rudy Fernández (35), proper names of an era. And, unlike Carlos Alocén, the other national signing (although it was undertaken last summer and its incorporation has become effective after his transfer to Zaragoza), with no margin for the adaptation period, with the requirement -for what it cost, for what he already showed - from the first day of those who already shone to the Euroleague (almost 50 games), which sets the bar for what is valid or not in Real Madrid.

Historically, it has not been easy to carry the 'national' flag in the white club. Not so many signings were executed and not so many succeeded. The last of them, without being a youth squad, was Rudy Fernández himself , a gem that came from the NBA itself, with everything already proven. A luxury then, in 2012. Other projects did not even have the opportunity, there were the bets for Sebas Saiz or Alex Suárez. Many youth players had to leave (Dani Díez, Willy Hernangómez, Santi Yusta ...). And signings that would have been ideal in the long run, such as that of Víctor Claver, ended up at Barça.

Under the command of Pablo Laso, from September, there will be six Spanish players. Three veterans like Llull, Rudy and Felipe Reyes (waiting for their renovation to become official), two promises like Usman Garuba and Alocén (it will still be soon for Juan Núñez, although with 16 years he threatens to knock down all the walls) and Alberto Abalde , on the way to 25 years, perfect age for the proclaimed outburst.

The Galician, slow maturing in Valencia after his upbringing in La Penya (he reached the age of 14 and there coincided with Paco Redondo), has it all. Size (2.02 meters), impudence, physique, versatility, intelligence and personality (he resigned last summer from the Spanish team, which would later become world champion). He was seen to play as a base when there were emergencies, he is capable of defending all outsiders and assuming offensive responsibility, as demonstrated until he was injured in the Final Phase at La Fonteta. Between Rudy, Llull, Carroll, Taylor, Deck and Causeur he must find his loopholes in the white rotation and in his favor is his lack of corset: he is capable of everything on the track. "My goal is to add. I join a team that is a winner and I want to be an added piece to add what the coach and the team need. I am a player who can contribute in various facets of the game and my goal is to help in what it is necessary ", he points out, aware of his virtues.

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