Olympics and Paras “postponed further” and “cancelled” 66% NHK public opinion survey July 22 6:20

When asked by the NHK public opinion poll about the holding of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, some people answered that it should be postponed further and that it should be canceled from July next year. The total was 66%, far exceeding the number of people who said that it should be held as planned.

Interested in the Tokyo Olympics and Para

NHK conducted a public opinion survey for three days from July 17th by using a method called "RDD" to call a fixed phone number and a mobile phone number randomly generated by a computer for 18 years old and over nationwide. ..
The survey targeted 2,192 people, with responses from 59.2%, or 1298 people.

▽When asked about their interest in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics,
"very interested" ◇ 48% were "somewhat interested" ◇22% were "not very interested"
◇ No, was 7%.
"I'm interested", which is "I'm very interested" and "I'm interested to some extent," was 71%, down 9 points from the survey in late March when the event was postponed.

From July next year

▽ When I asked about the event starting from July next year,
◇ "I should postpone it" was 35%,
◇ "It should be canceled" was 31%, and
◇ "I should hold it" was 26%.
The total of 66%, including "should be postponed" and "should be canceled", was significantly higher than "should be held".

For that reason, in the people who answered "should be stopped",
◇ accounted for more than half of the "new from the global epidemic is likely continuation of the corona virus" is 54%,
followed by
◇ "the spread of infection in the country worry Therefore,
◇ "I want you to use the budget of the tournament for measures against the new coronavirus" was both 14%.

"In addition to be postponed" in the person who answered,
◇ "because the players of the effort is not rewarded," was the highest at 38%,
followed by
◇ "because I am looking forward to be held in Japan" is 21%
◇ 18% said, "Because the budget and preparation that we have invested so far will be wasted."

In addition,
41% of the respondents answered that they should hold the event as scheduled, ◇ “because the efforts of the players are not rewarded”.

Tournament simplification

▽ Regarding the simplification of the competition that the organizing committee of the competition is considering,
◇ "yes" is 35%,
◇ "if anything" is 35%,
70% in total,
◇ "opposite" And ◇ “It's more or less the opposite”, which is above 24%.

▽ Regarding the holding of the tournament with unaided audience like other sports,
◇ "yes" was 14%,
◇ "if anything" was 27%,
while 42% in total ,
◇“Opposite” was 23%,
◇“Opposite” was 30%,
which was 53% in total, and
“Opposite” exceeded “Agree”.

*The numbers below the decimal point are rounded off.