23 days until the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, 1 year without seeing the international competition.

It will be one year in 23 days until the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was postponed due to the new coronavirus.
In Japan, the top athletes on track and field have begun, but in many competitions, the resumption of international competitions cannot be foreseen, and the major issue is whether or not the selection of representative athletes who will play a leading role in the Olympics will proceed.

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, which is one year before the opening, full-scale training was resumed at each competition in Japan while taking measures to prevent infections. The tournament in which the top athletes participate has also been restarted, such as being held with the audience in attendance.

For gymnastics using a gymnasium that is prone to so-called "3 denseness", we will hold a full-scale tournament from September by taking measures such as keeping the distance between athletes, apart from acting for men and women.

On the other hand, due to the rapid increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus, in wrestling where athletes are in close contact with each other, it is difficult to respond such as by canceling the representative training camp restarted in Tokyo until August. There is also.

In addition, the international competition, where the world's top athletes gather, is still in a difficult situation to resume.

Badminton and triathlon have a policy of resuming international competitions that will change countries from September, but there are several hurdles to restarting due to restrictions on cross-border movement.

At table tennis, the international competition has been suspended and postponed since March, so there is no prospect of reopening.

With many competitions, such as athletics and swimming, for the next year's Olympics, the selection of representative athletes who will play a leading role in the Olympics will be a major issue, while the selection of representative athletes who will play an important role in the Olympics is not expected.

Up to now, 13 competitions and 107 people have been offered.

Regarding the selection of athletes for the Japan national team at the Tokyo Olympics, since the selection criteria were revised in Karate in June, the offer of eight athletes was temporarily canceled, but to date, 107 have been offered in 13 competitions.
Most competition groups will follow the unofficial standards before the postponement of the Olympic Games, but the selection competition will be postponed or canceled one after another, and for the next year, it will be difficult to make fair adjustments in each competition.

It is the informal players of the main competition and the selection method in the future.


For swimming, 13 athletes have been nominated as representatives, including Daiya Seto of the swimming race, Ken Terauchi of the jump, and athletes of the artistic swimming.
The Japanese Swimming Federation will be in April next year with no official offer other than Seto due to the postponement of the Japanese championship, which is a one-game representative selection scheduled for April. We aim to hold the Japan Championship as a representative selection meeting at the Tokyo Aquatics Center, which will be the venue for the Olympics.


Onshore, 13 men and women of marathons and racetracks have been nominated as representatives, including Osamu Osamu of the men's marathon and Yusuke Suzuki of the men's 50km race.
However, the track and field events such as men's 100 meters were selection competitions, and the Japanese championship in June was postponed, so there are no unofficial players.
The Japan Athletics Federation is expected to select the next year's Japan Championships as the representative selection competition.


As for gymnastics, none of the competitions scheduled from April to June, such as the NHK Cup in May, which was a selection competition for men's groups aiming for consecutive championships, were held, and no player has been nominated as a representative. ..
The Japan Gymnastics Association has decided to return the selection method for the Olympics to a blank sheet and then decide again based on the policy of the International Gymnastics Federation.


In judo, athletes from the 13th class have been nominated as representatives, such as Shohei Ohno, a 73-kg boy who is aiming for the second consecutive Olympic title.
On the other hand, the men's 66 kg class, in which Shiro Maruyama Shiro and Abe 1233 have been fiercely contesting the national team, the selection tournament scheduled for April has been postponed, and the only representative has not been decided. This year, we plan to select for the international competition that will be held in Tokyo in December.


In the field of wrestling, Japan has earned a place in the 3rd class for men and 5th class for women based on the results of last year's world championship, and the Japan Wrestling Association has been nominated as representatives Risako Kawai and Kenichiro Fumida. We will not change the eight players.
Players of the class who have not won the qualifying slots will aim to win the qualifications and offer a job offer in the Asian and World Qualifications.


The badminton is selected in the world ranking based on the points earned in the one-year international tournament, and Kento Momota and the women's doubles Yuki Fukushima and Ayaka Hirota are among the representatives.
Since the World Badminton Federation decided to restart the competition that was canceled or postponed from January to May next year since February due to the spread of virus infection, the Japan Badminton Association has finished the final selection competition The official offer of the national team is to be announced.

Table tennis

Table tennis has already announced the unofficial offers of 6 players, including Ms. Makoto Ito and Tomokazu Harimoto, and has decided to maintain the unofficial offer for next year.