Screenshot of the APL official website.

  The client of, July 17 (Xinhua). According to the official website of the Asian Volleyball Association, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the men’s volleyball team, the Asian Women’s Volleyball Cup and the Asian Club Cup in 2020, and all beach volleyball events under the AFC will be cancelled. The U19 Asian Beach Volleyball Championship, which should have been held from August to October, will be postponed until next year.

  The Asian Cup of Women's Volleyball started in 2008 and is held every two years. The first competition started in Thailand. After the Chinese women's volleyball team won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics, Chen Zhonghe led the original Olympic team to the first Asian Cup, and finally won the championship with a six-game winning streak.

  In 2010, the Asian Cup came to Taicang, China, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team played steadily and defended its title. In 2012, the Chinese women's volleyball final lost to Thailand, regretting to win the silver medal. In 2014, the Chinese women's volleyball team sent a second team to play. They won South Korea 3:0 in the final and won the championship again after 4 years. In 2016 and 2018, the Chinese women's volleyball team continued to sit firmly in the championship.

  The cancellation of the Asian Women's Volleyball Cup in 2020 also means that the Chinese women's volleyball team will miss the Asian Cup four consecutive championships this year. (Finish)