The client of, July 17th. In the early hours of Beijing time on the 17th, La Liga ended the 37th round of the two focus battles. Real Madrid defeated Villarreal 2:1 at home, and while mentioning 10 consecutive victories, they won the La Liga championship one round ahead. In another game, Barcelona suffered a lore in stoppage time and lost 1:2 to Osasuna.

Benzema broke the goal.

  Leading Real Madrid face Villarreal at home, as long as the battle wins, Real Madrid will lock the league title.

  In the 29th minute, Real Madrid broke the deadlock. Benzema received a pass from Modric and shot low into the net. In the 77th minute, Real Madrid expanded the score, Ramos broke into the penalty area and was tripped, the referee awarded a penalty, Benzema shot. Since then Villarreal pulled back a city, Ibola headed into the net, but was unable to save the defeat.

  In the end, Real Madrid won 2-1 and won the La Liga championship one round ahead. This is Real Madrid's 34th La Liga title and the 92nd in all events in team history.

Messi scored a free kick.

  In another game, Barcelona sat in Nou Camp, against Osasuna. In the 16th minute, Anes broke the goal to help Osasuna take the lead. Barcelona equalized the score in the 62nd minute, Messi scored a free kick, and the ball was close to the goal post and entered the net. Since then, Gallego elbowed Langley and was sent off by the referee with a red card.

  However, Osasuna, who was only 10 players, overtook the score in stoppage time and Roberto Torres, who was undefended, shot into the net in front of the goal. Barcelona suffered a lore at home and lost 1:2 to their opponents. (Finish)