The "Jujitsu Camp" tournament, hosted by the "Jujitsu Arena", will kick off today with the participation of all players currently in the summer camp (150 players).

The Jujitsu Federation said in a statement yesterday: “The championship is one of the important activities within the summer training camp organized by the Global Vision Group for Investment under the supervision of the Jujitsu Federation in the Armed Forces Officers Club Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Preparations for the last round of the Vice President’s Cup for Jiujitsu on July 25 ».

He added: «Jujitsu fans will be on a date with exciting confrontations with a mixture of prominent players known on the local and international arenas, along with a group of amateurs who are looking to shine on the rug in the coming days. The competitions will start at 11 this morning and continue until three thirty in the afternoon.

The statement continued: «One of the most prominent features of the tournament is the mechanism used in the classification of players and the identification of confrontations, and the players will be divided into three age groups: under 16 years, under 18 years and over 18 years, and each age group includes competitions that bring together players belonging to three different weights are : Light, medium and heavy.

For his part, Director of Technical Department of the Jiu-Jitsu Mubarak Al-Minhali praised the positive atmosphere in the camp, the seriousness of the players and their interaction with all accompanying events, and their full commitment to the precautionary measures followed, social divergence, care and responsibility towards each other.

He said: «The summer camp and the tournament that were held were organized at the perfect timing, because they put a smile on the faces of the thirsty players to return to the rug and win the titles, and the official start of that return will be with the Vice President’s Cup for Jiujitsu, one of the most expensive titles on the local scene, and the championship is considered A real indicator for measuring the technical level of players and their readiness for the next benefits.

In turn, the national team coach Ramon Limos said: “We are looking forward to the start of the championship to evaluate our work during the past two weeks in the camp, and we have been keen since the first day to focus on high-quality physical training in order to enhance the capabilities of players, and achieve focus, we are heading towards a lot of benefits and no room To relax or back off. ”

He explained that "the seriousness of amateur and professional players in the camp gives cause for optimism ... We are not only working on the physical and preparatory aspects, but we are also keen to take full advantage of such camps in highlighting the emerging talents and promising young people who represent the pillar of the national team and the future of the game in the country." .

Ramon added that «today's tournament will be held in an individual system, and that experienced players will be placed in the face of players of the lowest level and experience, and this would be of great benefit to the participants and the development of their performance and qualification to fight any type of conflict and under any circumstances.

It is noteworthy that the tournament will be broadcast live on Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.


"The tournament is a real indicator to measure the technical level of players and their readiness for the next entitlements."

- “Abu Dhabi Sports” broadcasts the championship events live from 11 am.

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