Valencia's Lee Kang-in played the 3rd starter in the Primera Liga this season, but unfortunately he couldn't score an attack.

Lee Kang-in, who started out at Espanyol, hit the ground with a light body.

In the 12th minute, a surprise left-footed long-range shot was aimed at the opposing goal, and in the 17th minute it contributed to the team's first goal.

Ferran, who received a pass from Lee Kang-in, made a pass through to Kameiro, and Kameiro's shot waved the goal and Valencia advanced 1-0.

I also made a decisive opportunity in the first half of the 37th minute, stabbing Kameiro to the left side with a sensational roving pass, but it didn't lead to a goal.

Lee Kang-in was left unfortunately replaced in the 18th minute, and Valencia defeated Espanyol 1-0.


Premier League Manchester United defeated Crystal Palace and helped spark the Champions League advance.

Extra time in the first half Rashford scored the first goal with a right-footed shot after calmly defeating two defenders in front of the goal.


4th Leicester City defeated Sheffield 2-0 with a Ferris goal in the 29th minute and an extra goal in the 34th minute in the second half of the second half, followed by a 1 point victory over Chelsea in 3rd place.