Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan Dianping. Photo by Li Zhenyu

  As the old saying goes, the peers are the enemies and they are separated by mountains. But just across a "mountain", a national football team and Wang Xing, the boss of the US regiment, were on the "bar" like an enemy. The battlefield of their confrontation is around the track and field runway.

  The storm originated from Wang Xing's voicing about "Chinese football professional players can't beat Tsinghua ordinary boys".

  On July 8th, Wang Xing published an article on the social platform, recalling the assessment standard of his college-level physical fitness test-3000 meters running in 12 minutes to get full marks. With this as his standard, Tucao said that the 12-minute run of professional Chinese football players is not as good as the average male student of Tsinghua University.

Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan Dianping. Photo by Li Zhenyu

  "For the first time, I was shocked by the low standards of some industries in China. When I took a physical education class in Tsinghua in 1998, the male students achieved a perfect score of 3,000 in 12 minutes. Many students did, and I was close. At the same time, Chinese men’s football players run in 12 minutes. Some foreign players can run 3,000 to nearly 4,000, but there are some local big-name players who can’t pass the qualifying line for two thousand eight or two thousand. Professional players can’t run for Tsinghua ordinary boys!”

  Boss Wang made it very clear that many boys in Tsinghua University can run three thousand meters in 12 minutes, and the national football team has a lot of local big-name balls that can't run three thousand meters in the same time. Boys.

  There is a truth on the sports ground: "Don't use your hobby to challenge others' jobs."

  Although football players do not rely on running to eat, Wang Xing may not have the hobby of running. But he said that obviously there are some "challenge other people's rice bowls with other people's hobbies." In this way, people who serve football bowls should naturally reason with boss Wang.

Huang Jianxiang refuted Wang Xing.

  The narrator Huang Jianxiang took the lead in responding. His speech, the core point of view can be summed up in two words: Don't understand-think that Wang Xing does not understand the physical training level of professional football players, does not understand the physical condition of ordinary college students, and does not understand football.

  Afterwards, famous national football players who knew the ball better than the narrators also entered the stadium one after another, refuting the mistakes in Wang Xing's speech.

  First, the former national football captain Ma Mingyu entered the stadium: "The 12-minute running test is only an indicator to detect players, but it is not a standard to measure whether a player is good or not. Wang Xing's statement is a bit layman, I think he does not understand football. To generalize." Sun Wen also put forward a similar argument: "Please don’t worry about the pseudo-proposition of 3000 meters in 12 minutes, it is only a measure of cardiopulmonary function. Football requires a sprint from the basis of physical fitness requirements. , Short-term recovery, combined with coordinated capabilities such as deceleration, acceleration and change of direction."

Sun Wen spoke. Image source: Weibo screenshot

  The climax comes with the appearance of Dong Fangzhuo, the "Manchester United Famous Place". "King Dong" who is used to the big scene is naturally able to "hands on" as much as possible without "noisy".

  In this confrontation that originally occurred between keyboards, Dong Fangzhuo appeared in person and came out in person. Not only did he record a 160-second video in response to Wang Xing, he also proposed an offline "approximate run" on the physical and speed issues of the other party's vomiting. under.

  In front of the camera, Dong Fangzhuo, who has become more and more rounded, challenged Wang Xing without hesitation: "Mr. Wang, why not: let's run a 12-minute run that is lower than the industry that shocked you. If I lose If you lose, go to Dong Fangzhuo's football summer camp as a day camper and experience the standards of the football industry. Is it so low? You are shocked."

Dong Fangzhuo offline "approximately run" Wang Xing.

  Of course, Dong Fangzhuo didn’t forget to point out the unrealistic part of Wang Xing’s “Chen Ci”: “Mr. Wang, let’s finally popularize the knowledge for you. The 12-minute run you mentioned was canceled 20 years ago. Test standards. At that time, the test was on the plateau and Haigeng, like foreign aid, they did not need to test at that time."

  The truth is indeed the same, and I don’t mention whether the test standard for the 12-minute 3000-meter run still exists. It is said that the same test was carried out in a plateau area such as Haigen. Its intensity is the same as that carried out by Tsinghua students on the campus of the North China Plain. The 12-minute run is completely two strengths.

  "The guy from the Meituan, let him stop being hilarious, Xiao Dong is right, I will say so! First of all, take care of yourself!" On the evening of the 14th, Fan Zhiyi, who once criticized Chinese football, also responded to Wang Xing. Remarks.

Fan Zhiyi refuted Wang Xing.

  In this way, after the "counterfeiting" of the national football team, it can be basically determined that Wang Xing's spitting facts are unclear, and the basis is unknown, which is a factual mistake. But despite this, many onlookers still choose to stand on Wang Xing's side, the reason is very simple, emotionally, they do not resent the criticism of the national football, even if this is a misjudgment proved by "VAR".

  On this point, those of you who must speak for the national football team are also clear.

  "Now, stepping on Chinese football seems to be a safe and cheap gimmick." This is what Huang Jianxiang refuted Wang Xingshi said.

  "Why in China, the football industry has been arbitrarily consumed by the outside world for so many years, I think our practitioners in the entire industry should also undergo profound review, thinking and introspection." This is what Dong Fangzhuo refuted Wang Xingshi said.

Dong Fangzhuo refuted Wang Xing.

  There is another truth on the sports ground: competitive sports, dishes are the original sin. Therefore, when the Chinese football that has repeatedly fought and defeated is stuffed into the framework of "original sin", every breath it takes is guilty.

  In the final analysis, after a long time of Chinese football "cai", Tucao has become a habit of many people, a "muscle memory" that can be issued by the subconscious, and a numbness for many spectators who love Chinese football. The "political correctness".

  Therefore, it can be understood that it is only as strong as "General Fan". It is only necessary to fall into the hole when Chinese football is difficult. It is not necessary, really unnecessary. To say yes, nonsense is not necessary.

  Footballers themselves know that, with their current performance, the curse cannot stop.

Fragment of the 1993 Spring Festival Gala.

  To give a side example: In the spring evening of 1993, a white hair of "Uncle Shi" of Schlapner was sold in Feng Gong and Niu Qun's mouth for a high price of 50,000 yuan; in 2008, the "host" asked Song Dandan In one answer, watching the worrying sport is football, the more worrying sport is Chinese football.

  The outside world's impression of Chinese football is evident.

  It is also because of dishes, from "white chopping chicken" to "Wang Xinglun", Chinese football, which has been repeatedly accused, almost only has the opportunity to make some counterattacks by grasping the inaccuracy of the argument in this kind of precise speech.

  However, its effectiveness is probably the same soft punch as the emperor Li Yi's sentence "I'm sorry that the Meituan app has been uninstalled". After all, referring to the experience of the first generation "Yao Hei" Buckley kissing his ass butt, "slapping the face" is the best way to make the accusers shut up. Unfortunately, the national football team can't do it.

Buckley kisses the ass.

  But this does not mean that the accusation that Wang Xing opened his mouth is justified. It is said, "It has always been from people to things, and it is often because of the benefits it can get, and burying it indiscriminately is usually because it will appear to be just." And the blind accusation of the national football is often unnecessary. After the species.

  As Dong Fangzhuo said: "On the one hand, Wang Xing are talking about the inaction of Chinese football, on the other hand, Wang Xing are doing things that destroy the infrastructure of Chinese football. Now in China, there are still thousands of children participating in football Here comes the sport. As an industry leader, Wang Xing’s irresponsible remarks are a blow to and hurt those parents and children who are still passionate and ambitious about football."

  Fan Zhiyi said earlier: "You are not good at nagging at both ends of the football in three days. Is it the first one that affected the football environment? Parents who send their children to play football!"

  Everyone knows Daoli, but holding a ball named "National Football", this kind of truth is said by Fan Zhiyi's mouth, the aura seems to be a little weaker, in contrast, it is far better to refute Wang Xing's "factual error" "That's straightforward. (Finish)