Tottenham Hotspur manager José Mourinho reacted annoyed on Wednesday to questions about Steven Bergwijn's backup in the away match against Newcastle United (1-3 victory). The Orange-international started on the bench for the second consecutive game at the club from London.

After the 1-1 of Newcastle United in the 56th minute, Mourinho Bergwijn brought in, after which the attacker who was taken over from PSV was immediately of value for the number seven of the Premier League three minutes later with an assist in the 1-2 of Harry Kane. .

"You always ask this question to me and not to Frank Lampard, Jürgen Klopp or Josep Guardiola, coaches of big clubs with great players," said a grumpy Mourinho when asked by a Sky Sports reporter what Bergwijn should do to get back into the base.

"It seems that I am the only trainer who can line up fifteen players. Or that I am the only man who does not have the right to put good players on the bench. If Bergwijn started today, you would ask what Lucas Moura or do Son Heung-min to get to the base. "

"They don't have to do anything extra. They have to become team players. And team players can start in the base, sit on the spare bench, stand in for half an hour or play for one minute."

Steven Bergwijn came on in the away game against Newcastle United in the 56th minute and assisted Harry Kane's 1-2 three minutes later. (Photo: Getty Images)

"Bergwijn does not have to do anything else, he is already a team player"

Bergwijn last Thursday started in the away match against Bournemouth (0-0) last in the starting line-up at Tottenham Hotspur. The 22-year-old attacker was substituted at half-time after an invisible first half and has since had to sit on the bench. On Sunday against Arsenal, he was allowed to come on in the 81st minute.

"Bergwijn does not have to do anything else, he is already a team player," said Mourinho. "He plays for Tottenham, and if Tottenham wants to compete with the best clubs, Tottenham can not only have eleven good players. We will have to have more, and they will have to take a seat on the bench."

Tottenham Hotspur is still in the running for a ticket for European football. The Londoners, who lost the Champions League final to Liverpool last year, are one point behind number six Wolverhampton Wanderers. At the end of the season, sixth place entitles to participate in the qualifying rounds of the Europa League. There are two rounds to play in the Premier League after Thursday.

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