Maya Yoshida Contributed to the unbeaten victory Soccer Italy 1st Division Sampdoria July 16 10:45

Maya Yoshida of Sampdoria, the Italian 1st league of soccer, contributed to the victory of the team that won 3-0 by fully participating in Cagliari on the 15th. Center back player Yoshida helped to win the match without a goal for the first time in three games by curbing the opponent's cross before the goal.

Bologna Tomiyasu

Bologna's Takehiro Tomiyasu played in Naples. Tomiyasu who played most of the game in the center back in the first half, was unable to prevent a goal by heading in the 7th minute in the first half because he could not finish the mark with the opponent's corner kick and was preempted by the heading. was. The match was tied one to one.

Liverpool Minamino

Takumi Minamino of the English Premier League Liverpool played for the first time in two games from the 16th minute of the second half when he was lead by 1 to 2 in the Arsenal match. The team just lost.