Screenshot of the Premier League official website.

  The client of July 16 (local time) The Premier League announced that after Liverpool's home game against Chelsea on July 22, Liverpool will be awarded the championship trophy at Anfield Stadium.

  This season, Liverpool took the lead in the standings and locked the league title seven rounds in advance, setting a new record in the Premier League. The game on July 22 was the 37th round of the Premier League and the last home of Liverpool this season.

  Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Premier League officials and clubs require fans not to go to Anfield Stadium, but stay at home to watch the award ceremony. It is reported that the awarding platform is set on the KOP stands, and the club’s players and coaching staff will raise their trophies here. Liverpool flags will be placed around the podium, and players such as Henderson also participated in the planning of this ceremony.

  The Premier League wrote: "Fans can watch Liverpool's last home game of the season and witness that Captain Henderson became the first Liverpool player to raise the Premier League trophy."

  Dalglish, who led Liverpool to win the top league title in the 1989-1990 season, will also be invited to attend the award ceremony. (Finish)