In May, the Swedish orienteering association announced that Tove Alexandersson had been ill for a couple of weeks, and then did not train at all because she had had heart problems.

She suspected that it could be covid-19, but had not done any test by then. Now, however, she has done an antibody test, which was negative and thus showed no signs that she was affected by the coronavirus.

- I actually do not know what it was. I had no antibodies, so I do not know if it was corona. It would have been nice to know if I had had it, but it's just to continue to be careful, says Alexandersson to SVT Sport.

"I feel very good"

After a total of seven weeks of rest, she is now training fully. Last week, when SVT Sport met her, she was at a training camp in Vålådalen with her club Stora Tuna, and then a national team camp was waiting at Idre Fjäll with the national team. And despite the fact that these camps were the same period as the sprint WC would have been decided in Denmark, she does not miss competing.

- It has of course been a very different year. But right now I am very happy to be able to train to build up a good basic physique and build myself up for the next World Cup season. I really like to train so I can think that it can be fun to for once have a summer where I train a lot and not focus on being in shape before any important competition, she says, and continues:

- So it will be exciting to just train.

REPORTAGE: Tove Alexandersson enjoys the training summer