Congratulations. Madrid is the champion of the strangest league in history. The League of 'Coronochino' is taken away by the asymptomatic team with the goal virus.

He had a serious confidence mistake in the light of the Alhambra moon, as in one of the Washington Irving tales . Within ten minutes, with the bizarre return of the absurd five midfielders of that tactical genius who is Zidane , he believed that he had finished the set and already saw himself as an untouchable champion.

Both looked at the navel, that at the first failure of Casemiro , while twisting in his touch more useless touch, Courtois suffered the punishment of conceding his first goal in six games. Over a goal below the legs. And Granada got under Real Madrid's legs until they touched its attributes enough. The Alhambra team had two flashes that could cause a draw and the last gasp of Barça life. But Courtois and Ramos ended up parking the people of Granada in the courtyard of the lions.

All this in more than 20 exciting final minutes as if Granada's life was going to tie him to the king of the League virus. Once again the essential flower on Zidane's butt appeared on opportune occasions.

And all when one believed that Madrid had made an exemplary first half. The best in this pandemic. Although when the goal came from Granada, Madrid was already suffering from the heaviness of Isco , who couldn't cope with his ass, from Modric's age and the disappearance of Benzema , aggravated by a Valverde who is not the same as he was months ago, although his Coach has not returned him to his best positions.

And, in the end, almost the white tragedy, because once again Zidane was wrong. And all he could think of to stop the Nasrid frenzy was throwing Asensio out on the pitch , who's not here, no matter what is said, and the strange player that is Rodrygo . Madrid gave him more power in the midfield to the rabid rival who got into even the same skin.

One remembers how the normal League ended, with Real Madrid on the road to perdition with their disastrous game in Baetica. The pandemic came and blindness began for all white rivals. That white blindness of Saramago , from his pandemic novel. 'Alea iacta est'. Messi's Barcelona loses a League, which always seemed contaminated by the power of the Masía.

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