Sumo Association Master Nakagawa's “demotion” disciplinary action room closed on July 13, 19:03

The Japan Sumo Association has decided to "disqualify" the master Sumo Nakagawa, saying that he acted violence such as hitting multiple disciples by Master Nakagawa in Asahito's former curtain. The Nakagawa room was closed and most of the wrestlers who belonged to it moved to another room.

The master of the Nakagawa room at Asahito in the original curtain, Chika Nakagawa, was interviewed by the Compliance Committee of the Japan Sumo Association for alleging that he had suspected power harassment, such as spitting violence against his disciple.

At the extraordinary board meeting of the Sumo Association held on the 13th, as a result of a survey by the Compliance Committee, Mr. Nakagawa was angry with three disciples from February to March, and he was angry with his life attitude etc. Using violence such as hitting or kicking the belly with a fist, and uttering abusive words such as "I will kill you" to three disciples from around January last year to around March this year. Etc. were reported.

The compliance committee said that the teacher himself, who should instruct the prohibition of violence, was responsible for violence, but that the disciples suffered did not want severe punishment and that the disciplinary action such as "retirement recommendation" was too heavy. , Reported that Mr. Nakagawa was a disciplinary measure for "relegation" of the second class from "committee" to "elderly".

As the report stated, the Board of Directors decided to demote Nakagawa's master and also close the Nakagawa room.

Out of a total of 13 members, including nine wrestlers who belong to Nakagawa room, one wrestler will retire and 12 will be distributed to eight rooms and transferred.

Also, Nakagawa Master will be the master with the Togitsu style room.

Chairman Yakusaku commented, "Leader violence should never happen. We will take concrete measures to prevent this from happening again."

Mr. Nakagawa, a 54-year-old from Osaka Prefecture, revived Nakagawa's room by taking over the wrestlers of the Kasugayama room in 2017 after retirement of Kasugayama's master in 2017. I was serving as such.

Wrestlers unload

At Nakagawa room in Sachi-ku, Kawasaki, wrestlers were able to carry their luggage out of the room and load it onto the truck from the afternoon of the 13th, as the room was closed.

After wrestling, the wrestlers got in the car and left the room.