Swedish stave jump star Armand "Mondo" Duplantis is on site in Öland to receive the Victoria Scholarship, which he was awarded for his double world record earlier this year - then he took the opportunity to guest none other than Prince Daniel at the golf course in Ekerum in Öland.

Photo: TT News Agency

Prince Daniel, who has a keen interest in golf, invited "Mondo" to "Victoria Golf" - something that is held every year in conjunction with Crown Princess Victoria's birthday July 14. 

Prince Daniel runs a drive under the Victoria Gulf. Photo: TT News Agency

The Victoria Concert will be broadcast in the usual order tomorrow at SVT1 at 9pm, but due to the corona pandemic, only a few guests are invited.

Prince Daniel checks the slope before putting. Photo: TT News Agency

Duplantis tells Ölandsbladet about the emotions during the golf competition:

- I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. Last night I thought "oh, shit!" ... I'm not a professional, but I'm good enough not to do away with myself. Lol. But I'm a little nervous. Usually I don't do things in front of people, except jumping sticks then, says Duplantis.

Concentration on top! Photo: TT News Agency

Duplantis then continues:

- There I have a lot of self-confidence. When I stand on the track and everyone looks at me, I'm comfortable. But this is not really my element. I'm not completely comfortable on the golf course. I've only played a couple of months and then they throw me into the fire and let me play with the prince. It's a little nerve-wracking.

Armand Duplantis during the Victoria Gulf. Photo: TT News Agency

Prince Daniel is a true golf lover and just like Duplantis a racing man.

- Come here we are here to win, says Prince Daniel at one of Duplanti's putts, according to Ölandsbladet.