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this opportunity, the Korea Sports Association is planning to come up with a strong measure to stop sports violence. We will reward the person who reported it and plan to minimize training with the permit system.

This is a report by Kwon Jong-oh.


The Korea Sports Association held an emergency response meeting for sports violence expulsion privately today (13th) with the participation of city sport and sports organizations.

At this event, the Athletic Association first mentioned the Shingo Awards.

In the event that an anti-human rights abuse is reported, we will actively reward the abuser by giving a reward.

The hottest issue at today's countermeasure meeting was camp training.

[Sports Association officials. Some people even abuses of the camp, and benefits also makes that fact because yichame camp rid and haetjiyo talk suggesting caution for it]

Sports Council is the time the players principle commute to and ahead of the guidance, and the competition to training We plan to introduce a permit system that allows for a minimum period of stay.

The Athletic Association is also planning to establish a human rights violation hotline so that it can be reported at any time, and will survey the total of 130,000 registered athletes from time to time.

At today's emergency response meeting, the theory of responsibility for the situation was also publicly held.

Some attendees said bitterly at the top, saying that no one is responsible.

[Competition officials: I'll resign, I should have talked about this responsibility. Isn't that right?] The

Sports Association plans to officially announce the comprehensive measures in the near future, taking into account the opinions presented today.

(Video coverage: Pan-Jeong Bae, Video editing: Woo-Jeong Woo) 

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