When Reideborn "summer talked" in SDHL's podcast, she suggested that couple relationships within clubs should be banned.

“If you want money, conditions or respect, a team in the highest league cannot have five pairs. Ten people who are in a relationship with each other. Half the team, ”she said.

Her own teammate, Jacquie Pierri, then wrote a long post on social media and called the opinion homophobic.

Now Sofia Reideborn announces that she is taking a break from the ice hockey.

"Right now, I think I need a break from the women's hockey and the women's hockey needs a break from me," she writes in a post on social media.

"I do them a favor"

For Expressen, Reideborn is developing its decision and talks with the management of SDE.

- I have been given indications that they are not so satisfied. Then I felt that I was doing them a favor. It will also benefit me to focus on myself. 

Expressen: Did they push you to quit?

- No, but I will not be able to perform unless I feel that I am part of the team I have known before. I have been a good friend with many. If I do not know, I will not perform. I do not want to put myself or SDE in that situation.

Reideborn states that she will not play this season and says "no other SDHL team wants me".

ARCHIVE: Sofia Reideborn: "The women's hockey team doesn't measure up" (January 21, 2020)

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SDE goalkeeper Sofia Reideborn. Photo: SVT / Bildbyrån