Former Östersund coach Graham Potters Brighton was faced with tough opposition to the Manchester City tab.

Manchester City also took the lead.

Raheem Sterling fired a fine shot from just outside the penalty area that found into the Brighton goal.

Just minutes before the break, City received a corner that Rodri nodded towards goal, and after an extra charge from Gabriel Jesus, the ball went into the goal, giving City 2-0.

Sterling was able to nod 3-0 for City in the 54th minute and just four minutes later also came 4-0 when Bernardo Silva intercepted a careless return from Mathew Ryan in the Brighton goal.

Certainly, City made it even 5-0. Raheem Sterling made a hat trick when he, lying down, nodded in the last goal of the match.

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Antonio's first four-goal shooter for Hammers in nearly 40 years. Photo: TT News Agency