Van Ruijven was put in an artificial coma and underwent surgery, but her life could not be saved.

On Friday, the Dutch ice skating association announced that the short track racer is dead, 27 years old.

- What terrible news we have just received. The loss of her will be felt for the entire sports world, says Dutch national coach Jeroen Otter, according to Reuters, adding:

- We have been missing her for the past two weeks, but today's news is so definite and surreal.

World Cup gold last year

Van Ruijven won the World Cup gold at a distance of 500 meters in Bulgaria's capital Sofia last year and took the 3,000 meter bronze Olympic Games 2018 in South Korean Pyeongchang.

- We are suffering with her family and the short track team. This is difficult to take in, says Herman de Haan at the Dutch Ice Skating Association (KNSB).

- On behalf of KNSB, I would like to wish Lara's friends and family strength to deal with this great loss.