Real Madrid have everything in their own hands in the pursuit of the La Liga title. And against Alavés, they took a step closer to a secure title when they easily won 2-0 after Karim Benzema opened the goal shooter after eleven minutes on penalty, and Marco Asensio punctured the match in the 50th minute.

It was a somewhat rejected match, however, where Madrid could slow down the tempo and play long hours. The most dramatic of the match was not something in the game but when the referee went on a bang in the first half.

After a few minutes of care on the pitch, he was eventually forced to break, and the fourth judge was allowed to run on the pitch and take the role of chief judge.

The victory for Real Madrid means they have four points down to Barcelona in second place with three innings left. That means that Real, who has 23 wins in 35 innings, now only needs two wins to secure the title.

ARCHIVE: Official: Real Madrid got their first women's team (July 1, 2020)

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Kossovare Asllani in CD Tacón's suit in a match against Sevilla last fall. Photo: BILDBYRÅN