• Llull. "What a festival"

The patients, before the dance, looked healthy and confident. The best (and most expensive) squad in Europe. The commitment to continuity (and success). Early end. But the Final Phase of the ACB, titled 'exceptional' because it was and was, auscultated the shortcomings of Real Madrid and Barcelona . The unexpected title of Baskonia has revolutionized, in a few days, its projects. And, despite the suspicions of Sergio Llull, both will be forced to pull a checkbook. Again.

Would Real Madrid have paid the clause of Alberto Abalde had he been the champion of the ACB at the Fonteta? Would Barça have announced the sudden farewell of Svetislav Pesic if Corey Higgins hit the desperate triple in the final against Baskonia? Almost always, events are rewritten by history, tearing plans apart, warning of pending revolutions. The Final Phase of the Endesa League shattered the road maps of the two greats: orphans of the title, patience ran out.

It did not take 24 hours for Barcelona to finish the (brief) second era of Pesic, despite the fact that the same night of the Baskonia title the veteran coach wondered about the "future" of the team. The same statement, which spoke of a decision made 'a priori' ("before starting the Final Phase of the ACB we agreed with the club that this would be my last season as team coach because my work was already done and the time had come to give entrance to another person "), confirms the suspicions of the rudder blow, of the acceleration of time for taking over Sarunas Jasikevicius after three summers of gourds. He was quick to announce it - the Fenerbahçe, already without Zeljko Obradovic, pressed -, as well as the nine movements in less than 10 days after the fiasco. The last, this Thursday, the acquisition of Nick Calathes for the next three seasons.


Perhaps the club had some doubts about the renewal of its captain. The same Tuesday that Saras's return was made official, Ante Tomic said goodbye after eight seasons. As Pau Ribas did, back to Penya. The departure of Kevin Pangos seemed more sung, although it was with Jasikevicius in the Zalgiris with whom he exploded in Europe. Also without respite came the renovations of Pierre Oriola, Brandon Davies and Kyle Kuric. The shooter, the only one of his kind, was not affected by his blunder in defense for Luca Vildoza, which ended up being definitive.

It is possible that there will be more outings at Barça, although they all seemed more evident even before the Final Phase. Little was said throughout the course by Artem Pustovyi or Roland Smits . Despite their youth, they seem indicated to leave gaps to Saras' wishes, to the little room for maneuver of the Lithuanian coach when it comes to making his squad. Because for weeks the signing of Calathes was taken for granted, the base to combine with Heurtel and the young Bolmaro (Hanga did well there). The squad of bells would scarcely lack a rotation center and some details, beyond the arrival or not - first they have to physically recover - of Pau Gasol.

Campazzo and the NBA

Before going to Valencia, the only concern at Real Madrid was the NBA's increasingly evident interest in Facundo Campazzo. He had renewed Anthony Randolph, Rudy Fernandez, Trey Thompkins and Jaycee Carroll in a short time . And the year of Felipe Reyes, in the absence of an official announcement, was taken for granted. With Salah Mejri's only obvious departure and the incorporation of the young Carlos Alocén since his assignment in Zaragoza, Pablo Laso's project roadmap 10.0 seemed well under way.

Until the blur came at the Fonteta. And suddenly, everything was blown up.

The concern about Campazzo's departure, undoubtedly the great leader and benchmark for the white squad today, remains (the Greek Sloukas is the option that sounds most like a replacement). The same as for Gabriel Deck, although the forward would leave much less money in cash than his compatriot, whose exit clause to the NBA is around six million euros. Other so many things that seemed supposed, now are already evident doubts. For example, who was discussing the importance of Jeff Taylor? More irregular was the performance of Nico Laprovittola and Jordan Mickey, both transfers from the previous summer. And what was going to be just a touch-up, are two dazzling signings. Two future projects, too, because suddenly it seemed as if the team had aged suddenly at the Fonteta.

Abalde is, today, the national forward with the greatest projection. Slow maturing promise formed in Badalona, ​​grew to take over the perimeter of Valencia. His exhibition in the Final Phase until an abdominal injury stopped him short, was the confirmation of the suspicions. Today Real Madrid is willing to pay a million and a half euros for what, he imagines, a perfect replacement for Rudy Fernández.

Nor did it appear in the plans an acquisition as sound as that of Ante Zizic . But there are the market opportunities and the sudden emergencies. A 23-year-old center, well valued in the NBA despite his limited role in his two seasons at Celtics and Cavaliers. A reinforcement as exciting as unknown. And, in fact, nothing cheap: his salary was more than two million dollars.

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