Following the protests against racism in the United States, NFL club Washington Redskins and baseball club Cleveland Indians have been put under pressure. Several players require a change of name.

One of Washington Redskins' biggest sponsors has told owner Daniel Snyder to remove "Redskins" from the name.

Frölunda has started an investigation to be completed in August. Then it will probably be announced if "Indians" remain in the name.

Joel Lundqvist, the team captain at Frölunda, would like to see the Indian remain on the match jersey and in the name.

- For me, the Indian stands for something positive. For fighting glow and fighting - with the Indian. It is really positively charged. I think it's been a strong brand, we've had success in it - and to me, an Indian is a warrior, someone who goes hunting. A hardening. I think it has been a fitting name to have, he tells GP.

But the 38-year-old is awaiting the investigation.

- I want the overall picture. Why and how they think, how the outside world sees it, if it is a big problem and if many are disturbed by it. Then we will see what it leads to. But I start from here and now - and my position is positively charged. The Indian has stood for something positive. But the investigation may come to something else - and then I have to re-evaluate it. In a way, it is sad to leave the Indian, says Lundqvist.

CLIP: There are real problems with racism - Frölunda's log is not one of them

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Adam Cwejman, political editor at the Gothenburg Post, discussed the issue of Frölunda Indians' log along with cultural journalist Nathan Hamelberg in SVT's Morning Study. Photo: SVT News / TT