Ding Junhui posted on social media and went to the United Kingdom to participate in the World Championship of Snooker.

  The client of Chinanews.com, July 9th. At noon on the 9th, Beijing time, Ding Junhui took photos of the airport on his personal social media. He is about to fly to the United Kingdom to prepare for the Snooker World Championships that will start in late July.

  In the photo, Ding Junhui wears a mask in front of the security entrance and thumbs up towards the camera. "The airport has been too quiet since the epidemic. Departing for the British World Championships." Ding Junhui wrote in the accompanying text of the photo.

  According to the latest schedule, the World Championship Qualifying Tournament will be held from July 21st to 28th, and the 16 players who have qualified for the main competition will be decided. The highest honor in the world. The main game will be held from July 31 to August 16 at the Cruzburg Theatre in Sheffield for a period of 17 days.

Image source: Ding Junhui's personal social media.

  According to the previous signed form, Ding Junhui, who won the British Championship this season, ranked 11th seed. According to the schedule, Ding Junhui may encounter idol O'Sullivan in the second round.

  According to previous reports, Ding Junhui, who originally participated in the British tour, did not return to the country from the Netherlands until March 28. For safety reasons, Ding Junhui gave up the 2020 Snooker Tour Championship that just ended at the end of June, and Maguire, who played for him, eventually won the championship.

  In the list, Ding Junhui and Yan Bingtao directly advanced to the main game. In addition, Liang Wenbo, Chen Feilong, Tian Pengfei, Lu Ning, Lv Haotian, Luo Honghao, Fan Zhengyi, and Si Jiahui have also decided to leave the UK. (Finish)