On March 25, in the central area of ​​Tokyo, Japan, an electronic screen originally showing the countdown for the Tokyo Olympics was posted as "Adjusting", and the original Olympics holding date below was also blocked.

  China News Service, July 8 (Xinhua) According to Kyodo News, a number of related persons revealed on the 7th local time that the Japanese government will begin to discuss the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics that will be postponed to next summer due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic. Overseas visitors, athletes and event-related persons are allowed to relax their entry restrictions.

  Kyodo News reported that, considering that the global epidemic will not subside and that some countries and regions will not be able to enter Japan, the parties “aim to take an early response to ensure the implementation of the game.”

  The holding of an Olympic Games usually involves more than 200 countries and regions, and as many as 11,000 athletes. The Tokyo Olympic Test is expected to restart next spring, and athletes from overseas will also participate. The government believes that it is necessary to improve the measures to relax restrictions only for the purpose of entering the Olympics in order to prevent the situation where the entry restrictions cannot be completely lifted.

  The Japanese government has implemented some cases of loosening restrictions on entry and exit restrictions. At this stage, the conditions for the entry loosing envisaged are that before leaving the country of departure and when entering Japan, multiple PCR tests were carried out and the result was negative, and restrictions on contact with the outside during the stay were taken.

  The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee intends to finalize specific measures for the new crown after this fall to reduce costs and the number of participants to simplify the Olympics, but the number of athletes and competitions will be maintained. (Finish)