Tilde Johansson, Kaddi Sagnia and Erica Jarder are three strong names who are in the women's long jump competition tonight. For the 19-year-old Johansson, the Grand Prix competition in Karlstad will be a return to the place where she broke personal record with 6.73 last year.

But an improvement on the record tonight she dares not believe.

- The form is not really there, it's just the second competition. I probably need to get started with some more competitions and then we'll see. But I have a good feeling so I still hope that I can jump far, says Tilde Johansson to SVT.

Johansson is set against, among others, against Kaddi Sagnia who won the outdoor debut at Ullevi this weekend which was a fine 6.64. For Johansson, things did not go so well, even though she finished second at 6.31.

Erica Jarder is also in the evening's starting field. For Jarder, who competes for IF Göta, it will be at home but due to the pandemic the competition will be conducted without an audience.

- Karlstad's audience is in a class of its own so it will be noticed that they are not there. But at the same time, we are incredibly happy that it will be a competition even without an audience. Then you get spurred on knowing that people sit at home and watch, so it will be good, says Jarder.