Seat is moving towards electrification and to travel this route it will invest 5,000 million euros in the next five years so that in 2025 its factory in Martorell can host the production of electric cars. This has been expressed by its new president, Carsten Isensee, accompanied by the CEO of Cupra, Wayne Griffiths.

The bulk of this investment plan will go to R&D for the development of new vehicles in the Technical Center, but also to equipment and facilities in the factories in Martorell, Barcelona and Components that begin a transition towards a future in line with the trend. of the market, where electrification will have a leading role.

"This plan is our way of facing the future with determination and optimism to be a stronger, innovative and efficient company," said Isensee, who set a goal for the end of this period: "Our intention is for Martorell to manufacture electric cars from 2025, when the electric vehicle market has grown. "

The Seat president wanted to send a message of optimism, once the Covid-19 pandemic had been overcome, based on the latest market data: "In recent weeks we have begun to see a slight improvement since we resumed activity. We are confident in a recovery, at least partially, during the second half of 2020, "he said.

The Spanish company, belonging to the Volkswagen Group, has also announced the hiring of 100 workers for its software development center, SEAT: CODE, which will be in charge of accelerating the company's digital transformation and creating digital solutions for future models. Cupra and Seat.

El-Born electric, under the Cupra brand

Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Cupra, officially confirmed what has been rumored for weeks: that the first one hundred percent electric Seat model will carry the Cupra logo on the hood. There will therefore be a Cupra el-Born, which will arrive in 2021, in a new impulse to the sports label that, precisely today, begins the commercialization of its first exclusive model: the Formentor SUV.

"The launch of the Cupra brand two years ago has been a success story. We consider that the potential of Cupra is so important that we could achieve 1 billion profit when the entire range is available on the market," said the Briton.

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