Discussing player protests for the Tokyo Paralympics IPC July 8 16:22

In preparation for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, which will be postponed next year, the Athlete Council of the IPC = International Paralympic Committee will start discussions among athletes over protest activities being prohibited at competition venues.

The IPC's current rules on the Paralympic Games allow players to express their opinions freely on their SNS and media coverage, but they do not allow protests at the venue or on the podium. ..

However, protests that started from the death of a black man who was suppressed by a white police officer in the United States spread to the sports world, and last month there were former athletes who were exiled from the Olympics in protest against racism. IOC = I have asked the International Olympic Committee and the IPC to acknowledge protests at the Games.

Against this backdrop, the IPC athlete council will begin discussions among athletes regarding protest activities at the venue for the Tokyo Paralympic Games next year.

During the discussion, we would like to deepen our understanding of the actions prohibited by the players under the current rules and their reasons, and to collect opinions and ideas from players around the world on how to convey their claims at the tournament. I will.

"The fight against discrimination is a problem faced by persons with disabilities every day. The recognition of protests against discrimination at the Games makes sense as an organization that aims to improve a symbiotic society and human rights." It is correct".

In addition, IPC Chairman Parsons, who supported the discussion at the board meeting on 3rd of this month, said, "I would like to hear the opinions and learn from them through the discussions. After gathering all the opinions, the necessary changes for the Tokyo Paralympic Games If there is, it can be materialized."