High school baseball Koshien exchange match decided [all match card] July 8 19:25

This time, 32 schools that were decided to participate in Senbatsu High School Baseball in the spring will be drawn next month with a combination drawing of exchange games that will compete at the Koshien Stadium, which will be a reproduction of the Koshien Final of last summer in Osaka. The match of Hoshiryu High School has been decided.

The Japan High School Baseball Federation will invite 32 schools that have been decided to participate in the Sembatsu High School Baseball, which was canceled due to the new coronavirus, to the Koshien Stadium next month and hold a one-game exchange game.

The exchange match will be held for a total of 6 days, including 3 days from the 10th and 3 days from the 15th of next month, and from 8pm on the 8th, captains from 32 schools will participate and a combination drawing will be held online. It was

In the lottery, 32 schools were divided into the schedules of the first half and the second half in consideration of the schedule of each prefecture's own competition in advance, and the teams in the same district were not divided into groups. After that, the captain of each school designated the envelope with the number tag and decided the battle card.

Of these, the first match on the 10th next month, which will be the first match, will be played between Oita Commercial and Hanasaki Tokuei High School in Saitama.

The first match on the 15th of the 4th day on the 4th day had the same face-to-face match as last year's Koshien final, where the Shoseisha High School in Osaka, who won the first Koshien last summer, played against Seiryo High School in Ishikawa.

In the second game on the same day, Iwaki High School in Fukushima, which had been selected for the first time in 46 years in the 21st century, will play against Kokushikan High School in Tokyo.

In addition, in the first game on the 17th next month, which is the 6th day of the final day, Osaka Toin High School, who has achieved the second consecutive spring and summer victory, is the Tokai of Kanagawa where it has won the Koshien four times in the spring and summer. Play against Sagami High School.

As a general rule, the game is open to the public, but the Japan Takanoren will decide to watch the waiting members and parents while watching the future trends in infection status.

NHK will broadcast all Koshien High School Baseball Exchange games on TV and radio.

All match cards

This is the first half of the match card from the 10th to the 12th of next month.

Day 1 of the 10th of next month
▼First game Oita Commercial vs. Hanasaki Tokuei High School in Saitama.
▼ Game 2 Kotoku no Meitoku Gijuku High School vs Tottori Johoku High School.

The second day of the 11th of next month
▼ First game Tenri High School in Nara vs. Hiroshima Shinjo High School.
▼ Second game Soseikan High School in Nagasaki vs Hirata High School in Shimane. Hirata High School had decided to participate in Koshien for the first time throughout the spring and summer in the 21st century frame.
▼ 3rd Match Oita Meiho High School vs. Prefectural Gifu Commerce.

3rd day of the 12th of next month
1st match Chiben Gakuen in Nara vs. Chukyo University, Aichi, who won the Meiji Jingu Tournament last fall.
▼ Second game Kagoshima Josai High School vs. Kato Gakuen in Shizuoka. Both teams were the first teams to participate in Koshien through the spring and summer.

This is the second half of the match card from the 15th to the 17th of next month.
Day 4 of the 15th of next month
▼ Game 1 Seisha High School in Osaka vs Seiryo High School in Ishikawa. It's the same match as the Koshien final last summer. At this time, Shoseisha won and won the first victory.
▼ Second game In the 21st century frame, Fukushima's Iwaki High School vs. Kokushikan High School in Tokyo, which had been selected for the first time in 46 years.
▼ 3rd Match Sendai Ikuei High School in Miyagi vs. Kurashiki Commerce in Okayama.

5th day next month
▼ 1st match Akashi Commercial in Hyogo vs Kiryu Daiichi High School in Gunma.
▼ Second game Takasaki Health and Welfare Otakasaki High School in Hokkaido against Obihiro Agriculture in Gunma, where it was decided to participate in the first Senbatsu competition in the 21st century.
▼ Game 3 Tsurugaoka Higashi High School in Yamagata vs. Japan Airlines Ishikawa High School.

6th day of the next month (last day)
▼ First game Osaka Toin High School, who achieved the second consecutive spring and summer victory, and Tokai University Sagami High School in Kanagawa, which has won four times in total during the spring and summer.
▼ 2nd Match Chiben Wakayama High School vs. Kagawa's Dedication School.
▼ 3rd Match Hokkaido Shirakaba Gakuen vs. Yamanashi Gakuin.