The 53-year-old underwent his third surgery. The doctors say that the operation went well in terms of repairing the injuries to the face and skull. But there is still great concern about his neurological functions.

"The patient has undergone surgery to reconstruct and stabilize the areas of the face and skull that have been damaged," said Paolo Gennaro, director of the surgery department at Siena Hospital where Zanardi, who is still in medical coma, is being cared for.

Four-time Paralympic winner

Alex Zanardi, who won four gold medals in the Paralympics and took two silver, suffered multiple head injuries and fractures to the face in the accident where he crashed into a truck.

As an F1 driver, Zanardi competed for Lotus and Williams, among other things, before being forced to amputate both legs after a Cart crash in 2001. Then he lost all blood except one liter in his body and his heart stopped seven times.