The Chiefs signed with Ma Holmes.

  China News Service, July 7th-The NFL Super Bowl defending champion Kansas City Chiefs announced on the 7th Beijing time that the team and quarterback Mahomus signed a 10-year super contract of 503 million US dollars. This is by far the largest contract in the history of professional sports, and Mahoems has also become the first player in the sports world to get a $500 million contract.

  According to the team's announcement, the two parties renewed the contract for 10 years. The total value of the contract is 503 million US dollars, of which the protection clause is 477 million US dollars. If the team does not implement the protection treaty, Mahoms has the right to withdraw, and this contract also includes No trading terms.

The Chiefs issued a message on the official website, announcing the contract renewal with Ma Holmes.

  Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer Clark Hunt said: "This is an important moment for our team. Since he joined the Chiefs a few years ago, Patrick has developed into the most contributing athlete in all sports. One. With his dynamic game and infectious personality, he became one of the most recognized and popular characters in the Chiefs. He is an extraordinary leader and a glorious community in the Kansas City, I am very happy that he will be a member of the chief for many years to come."

  Ma Holmes was selected by the Chiefs in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. Participated in 31 games in three seasons. As a quarterback, he completed 724 of 1099 pass attempts, a pass distance of 9412 yards, a success rate of 65.9%, a touchdown of 76 times, and only 18 interceptions. In the playoffs, Ma Holmes completed 115 of the 184 pass attempts, the pass distance was 1474 yards, and the success rate was 62.5%. He also had 13 touchdowns and two interceptions.

  In 2020, Mahomes led the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, and he himself also won the title of Most Valuable Player. (Finish)