So far, the Arab Gulf League clubs have spent around eight million and 550,000 euros, or more than 35 million dirhams, in 32 contract deals with players officially announced by the clubs as new deals besides renewing loans, without calculating the renewal of contracts ending for players.

According to the German "Transfer Market" website, Al-Nasr club tops the list of the most spending in the summer transfer market among the rest of the league teams, followed by Al-Wasl, thanks to only four deals for both teams, after the "Dean" contracted with Al-Wahda team striker Sebastian Tigali and striker The Sharjah team, Ryan Mendes, while the "emperor" strengthened its ranks with the Portuguese Boavista player, Brazilian Hugo Neres, next to the Argentine Rising player Nicholas Uruz.

This is the volume of deals announced until yesterday, in light of the current crisis in global sport due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, knowing that the number is expected to double more with a long period remaining to close the door for transfers after almost three months, in addition to the lack of entry into Al-Ahly, Al-Jazira, Al-Wahda and Al-Dhafra youth clubs Transfers so far.

Al-Nasr club spent three million and 600 thousand euros, while Al Wasl spending reached one million and 850 thousand euros.

According to the German website, the Cape Verde player, Ryan Mendes, is the most expensive deal so far out of 32 contracts for Arab Gulf League clubs, with a player’s market value of two million euros, and behind him is his colleague in the ranks of the “Brigadier” Sebastian Tigali, who has reached The market million and 600 thousand euros.

Al-Wasl defender Neris ranked third with one million and 20 thousand euros, and fourth came to the Bani Yas player, Argentine Alvarez Suarez, who came from the Arsenal team Sarendi Argentine with 950 thousand euros, followed by Al-Wasl player, Argentine Nicholas Uruz in fifth place with 650 thousand euros.

The summer transfer period starts officially on the 15th of this month, and extends to the 14th of next October, while the winter transfer period starts on the fifth of January 2021 and continues until the first of February 2021.

According to the site, the market value of all 14 Arab Gulf League clubs combined amounts to 122.63 million euros, or more than "half a billion dirhams", which makes the UAE league one of the most expensive leagues in the Arab region, thanks to the market value of players in the clubs ranks.

Sharjah Club occupies first place as the highest club with a market value among the rest of the league clubs, with a value of 17 million euros, Al Ain comes second with 16 million, victory third with 15 million, Al-Jazeera fourth with 12 million, and Al-Ahly youth fifth with 11 million, and Al Wasl sixth with nine million . It is worth noting that four clubs are still living in a state of complete calm at the level of conducting new contracts headed by the youth of Al-Ahly, and while the Al-Dhafra team has only renewed the contract of its Moroccan defender Issam Al-Adawah until June 2021, the poles of the capital, Al-Jazira and Al-Wahda have not yet moved towards any new deal In spite of the departure of more than one influential player from the ranks of "Al-Annabi" during the current period, they are led by veteran striker Sebastian Tigali, and the South Korean Shang Woo Rim, alongside team captain Hamdan Kamali.

- 32

A deal officially announced by the clubs.

- The summer transfer window will officially start from the 15th of October until the 14th of October.

Sharjah has the highest market value of 17 million euros, Al-Ain second with 16 million, and Al-Nasr third with 15 million.

Victory spent 3 million and 600 thousand euros in contracts, compared to 1 million and 850 thousand euros for the connection.

The UAE league is more expensive than the Arab League, with a market value of more than half a billion dirhams.

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