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What else could Lucas Ocampos do in this Seville that he has not already done? It was not enough for him to be the best player on the team this season and the top scorer despite not being a center forward who ended up playing goalkeeper last night. And as in everything else, the Argentine also shone under the sticks , taking in the last play a shot by ... Dmitrovic . Yes, from the same goalkeeper that he had beaten 58 minutes before to give the victory to the Lopetegui team . It will be the heat, which dulls common sense, but what happened was crazy.

The result is that with only 12 points to play and six of advantage, Sevilla rejoices and returns to the Champions League after a year of absence. Thanks to Ocampos' goal and saving save, he widened the gap with Villarreal at the cost of a tough and tough Eibar but, as usual, very lacking in powder. The gunsmiths left without a point from the hottest Pizjuán and they must continue in the fight to guarantee their stay in Primera one more season.

Several errors from the rear arm fed Seville in the first half, especially through the electricity of Ocampos. There was also a Burgos hand in his area that Mateu Lahoz did not penalize with a penalty. And although at the beginning of the second Diop stroked the gunsmith goal, the Argentine winger immediately imposed his law, taking advantage of a perfect center by Jesús Navas at the far post to overtake Lopetegui's men and score the only goal of the match.

Mendilibar was forced to reformulate his team, going on to play with two strikers and two pure ends. He tried unsuccessfully to tighten the nuts on Sevilla for 40 long minutes, in which the team from Seville defended himself effectively and without much trouble, apart from a shot by Enrich . The bad news for Sevilla was Vaclik's knee injury , which he had to withdraw on a stretcher in the last play, leaving Ocampos under the sticks ... who shot Dmitrovic. Ocampos, here a striker, here a goalkeeper. Crazy.

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