Hedvig Lindahl did not get the chance between the posts when Wolfsburg met Essen in the German Cup final in Cologne on Saturday.

Instead, the 37-year-old, whose contract with the club expires tomorrow, got to see Friederike Abt act as the first goalkeeper.

Without Lindahl, but with Fridolina Rolfö in the starting eleven, it became a smooth cup final.

Essen took the lead already after one minute before Pernille Harder's customers quit a few minutes later. Aces retook the lead before the break, but the German league champions acknowledged with barely 20 minutes left of regular playing time when Rolfö was replaced. When, then, four minutes of regular playing time remained, what many thought came was the supposed victory for Wolfsburg by Dominique Bloodworth.

But at stoppage time, Essen acknowledged and took the match to a scoreless extension and later penalty kick decision.

There, goalkeeper Abt stepped forward and became a hero when she paired two straight penalties by Essen. Then Pernille Harder stepped forward and shot the decisive goal.

Thus Wolfsburg took home the double, the cup and the league. It is the sixth consecutive year that the club wins the German Cup.

Hedvig Lindahl will be presented to a new club within the next few days.