The client of is approaching the weekend of July 3, and wonderful sports events will accompany you through the weekends. In European football, the final of the German Cup will be played over the weekend, Bayern and Leverkusen will compete for this honor, in addition to the Spanish played by Lei Wu also have a game. The long-delayed F1 season will finally kick off in Austria, and the first phase of the CBA rematch will be about to fight. (The following are all Beijing time)

Data Map: Bayern have won the Bundesliga this season

Top five leagues

  The German Cup final will be played in the early hours of Beijing time on Sunday. Bayern Munich and Leverkusen will compete for the championship. Bayern had already defended the Bundesliga and had not been eliminated in the Champions League, so this season there is still a chance to fight for the Triple Crown. International footballer Sanne has already decided to join Bayern, which will inject Bayern up and down with a cardiotonic agent.

  Traditional powerhouses such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and Liverpool, who have already won the Premier League championship, will play in the next two days.

Data picture: Wu Lei during training Picture source: Visual China

  The Spanish game is also the focus of attention of Chinese fans, the home game against Leganes will be held on Sunday evening. In the previous game, the Spaniard was reversed by the Royal Society on the road, suffered a four-game losing streak while continuing to bottom in the standings, and the point gap with Celta (last place in the relegation zone) has widened to 10 points, The situation is not optimistic. If this battle is lost again, the Spaniard may be relegated in advance.

  4th 23:15 Serie A Round 30 Juventus: Turin

  4th 22:00 Premier League Round 33 Manchester United: Bournemouth

  5th 2:00 German Cup final Leverkusen: Bayern Munich

  5th 3:00 Chelsea in the 33rd round of the Premier League: Watford

  3:45 on the 5th Serie A round 30 Lazio: AC Milan

  5th 20:00 La Liga Round 34 Bilbao: Real Madrid

  5th 23:00 Spanish La Liga Round 34: Leganes

  5:23:15 Serie A Round 30 Inter Milan: Bologna

  23:30 on the 5th Premier League Round 33 Liverpool: Aston Villa

Data picture: The first stage of the game after the CBA rematch is about to end Picture source: Visual China

CBA regular season

  This Saturday, the first stage after the CBA rematch will be over.

  From June 20 to the present, the CBA after the rematch has adopted the tournament system, and 20 teams are divided into Qingdao and Dongguan. Although there is no live audience, it seems that the schedule is progressing in an orderly manner, and a lot of the previous work done by the Basketball Association and CBA has been fruitful.

  The end of the first round of the quarter-finals also means that the teams' competition for seats in the playoffs will enter the sprint stage.

Data picture: Yao Ming watching the battle Picture source: Visual China

  According to the rules, the top 12 teams in the regular season can participate in the playoffs. At present, the Fujian men's basketball team is temporarily ranked 12th, followed by Shenzhen Marco Polo and Nanjing Tongxi. The top ranked teams will also strive for a better playoff position to impact the championship. Part of the game time is as follows:

  19:35 on the 3rd Tongxi: Xinjiang

  20:00 on the 3rd Jiangsu: Guangdong

  16:00 on the 4th Beijing Enterprises: Tianjin

  4th 20:00 Shandong: Shenzhen

F1 season kicks off

  After a delay of nearly 4 months, F1's new season will finally kick off in Austria this weekend. The impact of the new crown epidemic has made the upcoming season a key season in F1 history, and there are many suspense awaiting announcement.

F1 new season calendar

  In the new version of the official calendar released by F1 earlier this month, the arrangement of the first eight races of the season was announced, and all the eight races were concentrated in Europe. Although some of the previous sub-stations have been cancelled, there are some circuits that were not originally planned that may host the race. So far, how many races will there be in F1 in the 2020 season? Where will it take place? It is still unknown.

  In terms of contention, last year Mercedes had almost no real challenge and won the driver and team double champion with absolute advantage. From the performance of the pre-season test this season, Mercedes still seems to be in a leading position.

  In addition, the number of Hamilton's individual champions has already tied Fangio, with only seven champions Schumacher ahead of him, and he is only 7 points away from Schumacher's record of 91 points. The historic scene may be born this season.

Data graph: Hamilton raises the championship trophy

  4th 21:00 F1 Austria Grand Prix F1 Austria Qualifying

  5th 21:10 F1 Austria Grand Prix F1 Austria race

LPL Summer

  The LPL (League of Legends Mainland China) summer tournament continues, with 17 teams competing for the championship. Due to the downward adjustment of this spring's points, the summer ranking will have a greater impact on the qualification of the Global Finals (S), and the summer champion will directly advance to S10 as the No. 1 seed.

  In the next two days, popular teams such as FPX, iG, EDG, VG, TES, and EDG will all be unveiled. Part of the game time is as follows:

  17:00 TES on the 3rd: LNG

  19:00 VG on the 3rd: ES

  17:00 RW on the 4th: EDG

  19:00 iG on the 4th: JDG

  19:00 RNG on 5th: FPX