Washington Redskins seems to be willing to change his name after new external pressure. The American football club announced a "thorough investigation" of the team name on Friday.

The statement from the Redskins comes after the Black Lives Matter protests have brought more attention to the name of the NFL club from Washington DC in recent weeks.

The team name has been protested for decades because Redskins ('redskins') are seen as a discriminatory name for Native Americans.

"The investigation, which comes after the recent events in our country and the feedback we have received from our community, formalizes the conversations the team has had with the NFL in recent weeks," the Redskins report.

FedEx, the stadium's namesake for the three-time Super Bowl champion, formally requested the team to change its name on Thursday. That followed an appeal from a group of investors and shareholders to the three largest sponsors of the Redskins (FedEx, Nike and Pepsi) to tear up their sponsorship contract if the name were not to be changed.

Billionaire Daniel Snyder, who has owned the Redskins since 1999, has always said in the past that under his leadership the name will never be changed, but he now seems willing to make a change.

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